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The Artificial Advantage: Aid your Contact Centre with the help of AI

The Artificial Advantage: Aid your Contact Centre with the help of AI

Wednesday August 26, 2020,

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The Artificial Advantage: Aid your contact centre with the help of AI
“Siri, add bread to the shopping list!”
“Alexa, play my soft jazz playlist.”
“Okay Google, when are the robots taking over?”

Do the above statements sound familiar? Chances are, you’ve already made a similar request from your virtual assistant (barring the last question, of course). Artificial intelligence (AI) can no longer be associated with a futuristic world; in fact, it surrounds us and is an active part of our lives. However, even with its practical functionality, AI has a tarnished reputation of potentially taking over humanity. People regularly discuss the possibility of a loss of employment if machines take over in companies.

Television series like Black Mirror and Westworld would have you believe this, but it is not entirely correct. Companies use AI to increase workforce efficiency, reduce agents’ workload and provide them with ample time to focus on other complex activities. AI cannot replace your employees but is rather a tool to empower your employees, especially in the company’s contact centres.

Before we discuss how machine intelligence can assist cloud contact centre representatives, let’s take a look at the basics and benefits of the same:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI refers to the computer systems’ capacity to perform tasks that generally require human intelligence. Knowledge engineering is needed for statistical, analytical and administrative purposes.

Machine learning and complex software have gained popularity in contact centres as they take over simpler tasks to help the representatives. Interestingly, a subsection of artificial intelligence, known as augmented intelligence or intelligence amplification, focuses solely on empowering workers to perform tasks efficiently.

Yann LeCun, a renowned computer science professor at New York University, once said, “Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. We are simply enabling technology to help us, and this help further extended into contact centres will only benefit businesses.”

AI and Cloud Contact Centres

With the introduction of social media channels, contact centres are no longer limited to the telephonic industry. Omnichannel communication is the new wave since the term ‘call centre’ has become outdated. People want to contact companies conveniently, and online platforms cater to that need. AI proficiently substitutes human effort to produce the best results.

Upgraded technology has also lent a helping hand in the statistics, analytics, and data gathering fields. Self-service menus have become possible and are thriving due to automation. Automation is a smart investment that drops your operational costs, and delegates work better. Increased customer satisfaction is an obvious byproduct.  

How to use Technology to your Advantage?

Technological advancement has become a coveted tool for all companies that wish to compete with the big guns. It has helped larger, reputed firms to streamline operations and cut costs. AI is the perfect tool to provide that extra help you require on the busy days. Here are a few machine learning tools that empower your employees and increase customer satisfaction:


Simple, yet effective! Chatbots are an essential feature that every company should have. Customers can simply whip out their phone to pose a query and receive an instant reply, all thanks to the programmed software. Let’s face it, no consumer wants to wait during the calls, especially with a generic tune playing in the background. People would rather visit online platforms to approach a chat feature that saves time and effort. 

AI-powered chatbots can narrow down a consumer’s request based on a few inputs. Once the nature of the request is clear, the chatbot can provide customers with options that help with the situation. Several queries and complaints can be sorted out without any human interaction at all. 

According to Invesp, chatbots can solve up to 80% of routine queries, saving you the time and money otherwise spent on the same. You can increase customer service time and satisfaction by automating your contact centres.

Additionally, the chat can be instantly routed to an agent for further assistance. This simple addition can save your employees several minutes, if not hours of work.

Customers will no longer have to wait for assistance while an agent deals with every single call. This way, customers get their queries solved, and your employees can also focus on more complicated tasks at hand. It’s a win-win situation. 

Data Analysis

A company is as good as its self-awareness. A business must know where it stands right now to establish goals for the future. 

With a cloud call centre, details of your work like the number of calls per day, frequency and duration of calls, call initiation time, etc., can be recorded with this technology. Data gathering is essential to review and improve performance. Your data will be gathered in real-time and can be assessed in real-time too if required. 

Instead of employees spending time crunching numbers, AI can perform these statistical calculations in a matter of seconds. It spares time, money and effort to make timely improvements.

Your employees work more efficiently when they know they are being monitored.

Speech Analytics

Other than call statistics, there is also a need to analyse conversations between the agents and the customers qualitatively. Since your call representatives are the voice of the company, they uphold a prominent responsibility. A poor conversation will earn negative reviews and frustrated customers that can lead to a tarnished brand image. This hampers possibilities of peer recommendations and customer retention. 

Machine learning can help you analyse these calls in several ways. Firstly, it can transcribe conversations from voice to text. This data can pinpoint what worked or failed in a particular case. Once you notice a fault, you can train your workforce accordingly. 

Secondly, advanced AI is also equipped to conduct sentiment analysis and emotion detection, which provides you with an opportunity to understand the situation swiftly. 

Executives that receive the best-suited customers are likely to complete their task quickly without any hesitation. 

Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a game-changer in the field of communication. It has enabled first-point query resolution and granted contact centres the ability to intelligently route calls without a receptionist. 

IVR integrated with AI makes operations more conversational and interactive. Let’s walk through the process of a regular IVR system and compare it to one with artificial intelligence:

In case of an IVR, the consumer is greeted with a prerecorded message when they call the company. A menu is recited and the client can input their needs through a keypad. The call would then be transferred to the agent best suited for the task. This is an organised and efficient system; the introduction of advanced technology has further enhanced this customer experience. 

A consumer can provide details of their query by voice inputs with the help of machine learning. The AI would then pick up keywords and reroute the call to a particular agent. Your consumer is spared the effort and confusion of navigating menus and comes to a solution easily.

Recall Value

Real-time documentation and information gathering during IVR and chats, allows your employees to scan through profiles in an organised manner. A customer gets agitated when the agent constantly repeats information. It adds to the duration of the call and creates awkwardness between both parties. 

AI gathers information during wait times, so your agent is equipped and ready with all the details before the call is connected. This allows them to quickly scan through and serve the client promptly without any repetitions. Modern technology allows quick recall and better service for your companies.

Benefits of AI:

Now that we have covered various methods of incorporating artificial intelligence in your cloud contact centre operations, let’s go over some of the benefits:

  1. It can handle routine queries and shed some workload off your employees. This prevents burnout in the firm and ensures efficiency. 
  2. It functions efficiently and ensures a reduction in human error.
  3. High-quality customer service and increased CX
  4. Data analysis is handled accurately and effectively in real-time. 
  5. Overall operational efficiency is improved. 


Technology is our greatest asset if used correctly. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that lifts your brand’s work operations. It takes over routine tasks, avoids employee burnout, analyses information integral to the firm and also adds a professional touch to your brand. The advantages of employing the same outweigh any risks by a large margin. Machine learning empowers your contact centre employees to put their best foot forward in front of consumers and the firm. The right choice is obvious, when are you making it?

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