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Augmented reality in India

Augmented reality in India

Friday July 27, 2018,

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Augmented Reality, one of the fast growing technology that is welcomed by the users with open hearts. Now this technology has also knocked its presence in India. In last few years many startups rise in India and is being expected that the growth rate of this technology in India would be about 75% annually. Augmented reality technology has been welcomed by almost every industry including automobile, retail, real estate, education etc.

AR in India

AR in India

Augmented Reality technology has overlapped the virtual world into the real world by creating a fantasy-like experience to the users. With the help of AR technology, the users may view the structure of the living room with the help of the smartphone and they may also see how the pieces of furniture would be fit into their living room in the real world. This idea is very helpful and will also save you lots of time because you can already make your mindset for the arrangement of your furniture.

AR in India is spreading its leg on a large scale. In India, Augmented Reality technology has been widely used in many sectors and also it is being loved by the users. This technology not only provides the complete information about the product but also the users would be able to see the product on any angle. It is most entertaining and easy to use technology.

The Indian market is the largest market in the world and it is believed that AR in India will gain the success faster than any other country. As per a research, it is expected that the growth rate of AR in India is 90% every year. Many companies are spending million dollars for AR Technology in India. Along with the big brands, many startups are also tending towards AR.


Augmented reality technology offers many benefits to your business. Some of the benefits of AR is as follows:

1) It provides the complete information about the product or services you are offering

2) The users would be able to see your products on any angle

3) In real estate industry, it is very time consuming task to show your property to your customers by visiting your property every time. But with the help of augmented reality technology, you would be able to present your property in front of your customers. It not only saves your hard earned money but also your precious time.

4) Augmented reality technology is very easy to use.

5) AR technology attracts customers as it very entertaining and easy to use.

In the coming few years you would be able to see augmented reality technology at every industry in India. AR is not limited to a particular industry but it can be utilised in all the industry in order to grow their business.

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