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PAN Card Tracking Procedure: How to check PAN Card Status

PAN Card Tracking Procedure: How to check PAN Card Status

Monday January 14, 2019,

3 min Read

What is a PAN card?

A PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a 10 Digit AlphaNumeric number. The pattern of a PAN number is first 5 are the alphabets than the next four number and 1 alphabet (AAAAA1111A). It is mandated by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and the Government of India for every individual, company, firm or trust to present the PAN card in front of the bank while opening the bank account. A PAN card is a necessary document for tracking the status of financial transactions related to ITR filing. Also, it is vital for company registration procedure in order to keep a track of tax payments made by businesses who have enrolled themselves under the GST registration procedure .

What is the validity of PAN Card?

A PAN card is valid for lifetime. Also, PAN card is never gets affected by the changes made in the address of the individual, company, firm or trust as no address is mentioned on the PAN card.

How to track a PAN Card?

Once the application is accepted a acknowledgement number is provided to each applicant. The application can be tracked via various means. These includes:

1.   Tracking through SMS:

Any individual can track its PAN card application anytime using the SMS facility on their mobile. They just need to send SMS to 57575. The should contain NSDLPAN followed by your15 acknowledgment number. It should be like "NSDLPAN 123456789012345".

2.   Track PAN application on call:

Any individual can track their PAN application on call. They need to call TIN Call center at +91-20-2721-8080. The customer care will ask for the 15 digit application number, name and Date of birth as mentioned in the application.

3.   Track application online:

Any individual having access to the internet can track its PAN card application. They just need a device and their PAN card application number and follow these steps

1.     Visit the official PAN card tracking website

2.     Select application as PAN - New/Change Request

3.     Enter the digit acknowledgment number

4.     Press submit. However, there is another online method to track the PAN card application. Follow these steps to track application online:


Step 1 – Visit the TIN website

 Step 2 - Click on the name option.

Step 3 - fill in all the information as asked(Please note this information should be same as details mentioned int he PAN Application). These details should be the applicants' First name, Middle name and Last name

Step 4 - Fill in the Date of Birth. This details should be the same as it was filed by the applicant for PAn card application.

Step 5 - Click Submit.