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Development of Mobile Taxi Booking App like Uber

Friday September 21, 2018,

7 min Read

We bet you experienced this annoying situation when you can’t get a taxi for really loooong time.

City dwellers who face heavy traffic and limited number of parking lots around the town prefer renting cars, or calling a taxi, or using public transport, or riding bikes to buying their own vehicle.

Moreover underground stations and bus stops can’t link all the streets so some people have to get home on foot after train or bus. Let’s see how it looks like on the map:


Underground stations are marked black, blue stands for people’s route from the station to their homes.

It’s obvious that people have to cover really long distances from underground to their homes, that’s why a taxi booking app development is now aptly as never before. Thanks to such services like Uber, Hailo, Grab, Lyft people can enjoy benefits of travelling with personal cars.

Advantages of Uber or any other taxi app

Uber and alike services reduce the number of drunk drivers and emissions into the atmosphere, save your money for commuting, provide opportunity to make some extra cash as a driver, and, finally, make the way to your destination really comfortable.

Lots of other services work close with such applications. Want a quick food delivery from your favorite spot? Or flower and candy delivery for beloved ones? Or you need some drugs from your chemist’s you can’t pick up yourself? Or a simple car pool for your employees? Taxi booking app is a perfect choice for lucrative cooperation. Moreover you can manage your colleagues’ routs effectively and keep track on all the bills. By the way, now even some clothing and footwear shops use the rush delivery function by taxi apps:

”We'll post a new look on Instagram, someone messages us about it, and they're trying it on at home 20 minutes later. Our clients are obsessed with UberRUSH.” Samantha Mann, Co-Founder

Uber provides you a choice of cars of any segment: economy or business class cars, cars designed for people with disabilities, cars for big groups of people or for animals transportation. This is a huge advantage and a distinctive feature of the company.

The alike service can also make a trip more comfortable, whether you are on a business trip or sightseeing. No need to get the numbers of local taxi companies or guess what their fares are. You can simply download an app and tap on “Call” button, and you’ll get the closest available cars and the price for a trip.

How else can you use taxi booking app?

If considering not only passenger cars booking, a taxi app can offer shipment of bulky cargo within or outside the town, assistance in carriage bulky cargo by plane or by ship, or booking a helicopter needed for shipping (provided there’s an available helicopter site). All this and many more options can be booked in one tap!

How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?

For this kind of app you’ll need to have the following things developed:

1. Two mobile apps: one for clients, the other for drivers;

2. Website or landing page so that the clients could book a taxi via their PC or find out more about the company;

3. Admin panel which will help you to manage work of the service, i.e to track the trips and suggest better routes, manage revenues, calculate salaries, etc. Also it’ll always be open to future improvements and additions upon your wish.

Here is the list of features needed for the client’s application and approximate time for their development:


Here is the list of features needed for the driver’s application and approximate time for their development:


Admin panel development

Admin panel provides you an opportunity of managing business processes and database, as well as track the activities of both drivers and passengers.

It allows you to keep abreast of the list of orders, salary amounts, clients’ addresses, their comments and complaints. It can be useful to give an opportunity of manual route building to be able to tick the places of roadwork or bridge repairing works. Another useful feature would be considering train and airplanes timetables and other public gathering places to place more cars in those areas. Admin panel development will directly depend on the features you want it to have. Approximately it’ll take 100-120 days to develop a basic admin panel.

Website or landing page development

For the development of a landing page which contains the key information about the company, animation and links to the apps in the store will take about 8 days. The amount of time needed for the development of a full-fledged website will depend on its functionality.

Another important point of applications development is their UI\UX design. The more clean and user-friendly design of your app will be the more chances to resonate with the potential users it’ll have. Here are some more numbers for you:

  • Wireframes of the app will take you ~8-10 days
  • You’ll need ~15 days for preparing a UI of a passenger’s app only for one OS (iOS or Android). Add here 5 more days if you want to adapt it for the second OS (iOS or Android);
  • The driver’s app will require ~10 days for UX creation, another 10 days for preparing its UI for one OS (iOS or Android) and 5 more days if you want to adapt it for the second OS (iOS or Android).

In fact, it’s not only Uber that is successful nowadays. There’re a bunch of other less known but getting more and more popular services with their own perks: some have more user-friendly design (which is of paramount importance when choosing your favourite app), others offer carpool option, or making your lists of favourite drivers and picking them if they’re available, or staying in waiting list (which is really convenient when during the rush hours you can add your booking into the waiting list without refreshing the app’s feed to check for an available driver).

Creating your own taxi app your main objective will be winning attention and loyalty of potential clients, you’ll need to have a hook which can attract people and make you stand out among your rivals. When you find this hook though, may it be retro cars for motorheads or topless cars for real girls, you’ll need to make sure that you’re doing your best at it.

Alongside such global giant as Uber there is a number of local services that work inside one town or geographical region and that gained more popularity due to the region’s peculiarities.

Feedback that works

Uber has a feature to leave a feedback about the driver and rate the trip. Does the company react on those feedbacks though? Remember that answering the users’ comments, resolving the described issues, being open to some sensible suggestions and always thriving for more will grant you existing customers’ loyalty and positive development of your business.

Your assistants in it can also be special offers, happy hours, bonus trips and other goodies for your customers.

Full price of the apps:

The driver’s app will cost you ~$ 20,000-25,000.

The passenger’s app will cost you ~$ 45,000-55,000.

Interesting fact:

According to Quartz Chinese drivers found a way to benefit from Uber’s order cancellation system that fines passengers in case they refuse from the booking they’ve made. For this they use dreadful pictures in their accounts. After the order has been canceled the driver gets some extra yuans on their account.


We can gladly offer you our assistance if you’re looking for a development team or you want an additional consultation our team of experts will be happy to help you!

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