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A Few Lines From The Desk Of Mrs Seema Sharma

Tuesday September 05, 2017,

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Take Care of this planet, it’s the only place you live in”-one of the most simple way to define the importance of environment conservation. We humans have come a long way to understand the simple fact that we look after things we care as in we work out regularly to keep our body fit , we keep our houses clean .

However at the same time we don’t understand the simplest of concept that the most important thing to look after is our environment-Planet Earth .

A very well thought statement by a famous economist, ”There is an end to a man’s need but nothing can match a man’s greed”

Having said so, mother nature has given up on catering to suffice to man's greed and we humans being silly is looking for life in other planets.

With terms such as development and urbanisation, we have forgot the basic fundamentals of life that is sharing is caring .

Mother Nature being selfless has being providing us with all our needs in terms of food, air and water but we as human being the selfish creature have never ever thought of giving it back to the nature .

Our greed has surpassed our needs and as time passes by it is becoming difficult to match the same.

I wonder what is the legacy we people of the present generation will be leaving behind for our future generation.

United we stand, divided we fall, again a simple statement with a depth in meaning.

We blame circumstances and others mostly governments for what we are and what is happening but there are only few individuals whom we can count with fingers have taken the pain of saving mother nature and giving back what she deserves.

It's already been too late to play the blame game and give suggestions rather we as individuals need to understand what we are loosing and what will be the repercussions of the same if we fail.

Highlighting a very old jargon “ Jab Jaggo tab Sawera”, we need to wake up from our dreams of so called development and urbanisation before it is too late for us to lose our home, our mother-Mother Nature.

Let's join hands to gift our next generation the everlasting gift of caring for their mother nature.