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5 Tips by Varun Khanna to Make Your Startup Go Viral

5 Tips by Varun Khanna to Make Your Startup Go Viral

Wednesday March 04, 2020,

4 min Read

Varun Khanna

We are living in a digital world, where online marketing has become a crucial platform. Surely to improve your business there are many things to be considered. Varun Khanna from Fast&Up has shared some of his personal experiences that can help you earn a better profit for your business online by going viral.

In this article, you will learn how to market your business without spending much of the investment. A product that goes viral is the perfect example of valuable service to the initial users and their loved ones too. In the world of digitalization, the best influence of going viral to business can be seen quickly. Here are some of the smart ups that you might want to add in your product to get the viral twist.

  • A Perfect Time Is What You Need:

To make your startup go viral, you need to start planning for the right time when you will hit the market and when your marketing campaigning should be running. Time plays an important factor when it comes to how things can go viral. To launch a new product, it is always better to get some expertise lessons and tips. To create ample business, you must center the launch on the relevant event. For the right season, you may want to cloth the item in time for the launch of the product at a local festival or a concept. If your product or service doesn’t match with a specific event then make sure you create one. It is important to central the campaigning of the market by giving the date a product-centric name and ensures its hitting shelves

  • Give Sharing An Emotional Value:

An emotional touch is what will connect to your audience directly. You must have seen some of the known ads of Cabdrury and coco-cola that has created a strong emotional marketing campaign. You might want to use the same strategy for your startup to go viral. The emotional appeal can bring a viral twist by replacing the coke logo on the bottles and cans with so many different names. Emotional appeal always has a strong impact on users. You can add a personal user experience like what Airtel does or bring a new feature like what a Cadbury ad does to bring an emotional incentive to sharing your service.

  • Point The Right Triggers:

In one of the books called the “Contagious” book, it was stated by the American consumers that more than 3 million times a day if the brand is mentioned, it becomes popular. That is the main reason why irrespective of all options, you must point on the main trigger and that is to give the brand a good recognition. It surely can help your startup to get in such conversations. The reason why you should be doing this is to bring the connection between the phenomena and actions rightly. The focus is to build the products that can form a habit and for this, you must connect your startup with the right trigging point from where the users have been living. Now you may wonder on what factors the trigger will be depending It is all about string connection, frequency, and presence in the right location which is extremely important

  • Blend Product With Strong Idea:

Create a video that has a persuasive message. Now take an example of Dove brand, they related an ad that had a stronger message with regards to women’s beauty. Of course, for those who won’t be looking forward to buying dove will still watch it to gain some motivational positivity. Similarly, you should be doing the same thing with your startup to go viral as the part of the community is always interested in seeing a broader idea of the service or product that you are keen on selling.

  • Risk Associated Product Should Be Social Proof:

There are many referral products or you can invest some amount to create a good set of audiences. You might want to ride-share the Uber app and get some free rides by referring to your friend. This would also help those people who were hesitating to think about using unlicensed taxis. But since their reliable friend has previously used the service they would not mind getting a ride that too free of cost. You need to understand the potential barriers that may come when people would want to use the product and see if you can social proof it.

Final Words

Choose the right beginning point. You can think of giving some discounts or create an air of offer with a great deal and enhance tour startup rate to go viral.