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Should you buy YouTube Views in 2019?

Are you looking for instant growth on your YouTube channel? Know beyond the doubts and misconception about buying YouTube views.

Should you buy YouTube Views in 2019?

Thursday July 04, 2019,

4 min Read

YouTube is becoming a large video library to access multiple data in one place. Plus, the growth and reach of the network have made it even more competent as a marketing tool. Currently, over a million users are trying to establish their channel and earn money out of it. YouTube has become a big source of income and that’s where the need to enhance the network appears.

From so many suggestions, buying YouTube views is the most common and effective as well. If you are starting off as a newcomer, it is something you need to depend on for a while. However, there are so many doubts and apprehensions regarding the authenticity of these views offered on the web.

You can consider increasing YouTube views by using service plans, the following points will further validate the reason to buy YouTube views in 2019:

1.   Quick result

The YouTube channel created will get a large audience, hence, the relevant views and subscribers are likely to be received. Updating the videos often is not enough unless you are getting an essential response from the users on the network.

Therefore, to get YouTube views you can consider to plan for a paid campaign, as it is going to support your channel in the beginning. Starting off with a decent number of views and followers helps you to move ahead with a gradual improvement of viewers.

2.   Supports reach of the channel

When you buy real YouTube views, they eventually help you receive views and a network is created that is loyal in nature. The relevance of content should be in sync with the preference of the followers, once a balanced equation is formed between the two; the growth of your channel is expected to reach at the top in a short span.

3.   Improves ranking on web

Google search

Google search rankings

As YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, a video or content is likely to get a high ranking if it is being searched and viewed more by the audience. And the top most viewed videos automatically get a better ranking, in fact among the topmost videos your channel gets listed on the search engine. Like Google, other search engines consider those videos that are already being liked and viewed by the people. They further support and promote such content.

4.   Directs high-quality traffic

website traffic

Once your videos start to receive views from real and active accounts, similar quality views and like automatically keep coming in. The beginning of the process should start in the right stride, later on, the sustaining capacity and fortune of growth improve eventually.

5.   Video can possibly go viral

viral videos

If you are confident about the content and it is getting more views constantly for a particular duration. After a point, it will start to reach an audience based on the top search results. This will work as a trigger for pushing the video across the network. Continuous circulation of a video gives it a potential to get viral on a higher speed.

However, there are a few apprehensions and doubts about the risk involved with buying YouTube views.

Here are some of the most common myths people should overcome:

1.   Illegal practice

This is the biggest misconception about paid campaigns among YouTube users. As per the Terms and conditions of YouTube, this is not something YouTube prohibits, it is not illegal to initiate a campaign in favor of your channel.

2.   Channel will be banned

Not at all, your channel cannot be removed for adding views or likes on your video. Videos with illegal or derogatory content can be possibly removed as negative content is not something the TOS (Terms of services) of YouTube support or encourages.

3.   Purchased views are fake

This is not the right statement to make. In fact, views can be of different quality depending on the service provider and the quality of views you are going to buy. Yes, there are bot views in the market, but the normal high-retention views or views that are increased by using Google Ads (which are costly and high in quality). Please note that service providers use two methods, one that are  system generated using database of audiences and another one is using Google Ads. Views generated from Google Ads are recommended by Google itself and hence are completely safe to use.


The above-listed advantages clearly indicate that to increase YouTube views, it is helpful to buy views on YouTube. However, you can go through the doubts and myths floating around the idea of purchasing YouTube views. Even after reading the above, you are suggested to do your homework and take necessary actions.