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Tips for Promoting Your Business Offline

Tips for Promoting Your Business Offline

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

4 min Read

Though the focus has certainly shifted to online marketing in the modern world thanks to changing consumer habits, it doesn’t mean offline promotion should be ignored completely. In fact, you may find yourself in a position where offline promotions can actually be more effective than the now more common internet marketing methods.

With that in mind, here are some of the most sure-fire ways that you can work to promote your business offline, for a reasonable price.

Use Branded Merch

Branded merchandise comes in many different shapes and sizes. From the good old promotional pen to branded USB’s, there really is a world of different products which you can put your brand on and make into promotional merchandise. Of course, handing out USB’s as a hairdresser isn’t something which makes a lot of sense. So, you do need to adjust and make a judgement on what will work for your business specifically.

If you can find a way to do something a little bit different, a novelty for your potential customers, then you should be able to grab their attention. And there’s always the thought that one daily exposure or coming across the item one day will eventually lead to their conversion.

Think About Freebies

Free is a currency that everyone loves. So, if you can then you should consider what freebies you are willing or able to present to your customers. Chances are, even a money-off promotion will work to entice potential customers to check out your brand when they perhaps wouldn’t have prior to the promotion.

Giving away something for free isn’t always an immediately rewarding endeavour. But, when it comes to actually needing to buy a product or service that your company sells then having given something for free may work in your favour. As they will already have had a taste of your business, they may be much more likely to come back and commit to a purchase or contract for real. In this way, your freebies will often pay off over a long period of time rather than being instantly gratuitous.

Business Cards Still Work!

If you think that the business card is dead then you are living in too digital a world. In fact, they should certainly be considered an integral marketing tool for anyone seriously thinking about expanding their business in 2019.

Networking is a big part of making a business work, especially in the earlier stages. So, making sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out during these opportunities to network is vitally important. Doing so could help put you and your business in front of just the right person.

Get You and Your Business Out There

At the end of the day, there are lots and lots of ways that you can work to get your business out into the world with promotional marketing materials. It doesn’t necessarily have to be online marketing methods which drive your business forward, as this does not work for everyone or every business. Tried and tested methods such as promotional gifts and freebies might be a better way for you to work towards expansion.

Final Thoughts

The fact is that in the modern day, a lot of our life is wrapped up in the internet and the way we act online. However, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing should be ignored. In fact it can actually be a great way to ensure you have a full-rounded marketing plan; both online and offline.

And remember, not everyone lives exclusively online! You may capture the attention of those who appreciate a little less online chasing and more real world interactions!