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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India, USA for Startups & SME’s | 2020

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India, USA for Startups & SME’s | 2020

Tuesday July 09, 2019,

9 min Read

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies to hire best mobile app developers in India, USA for Startups & SME’s | 2020

With numerous mobile app development companies in India, the mobility solution market here is densely competitive. And why not? India has been providing affordable yet reliable IT solutions attracting clients across the globe. In addition, the Indian digital startups have witnessed significant growth in the recent time. 


Today, if you are looking for the best mobile app development company in India, probably you are either a foreign client looking for cost-effective options with the unparalleled quality or an Indian to hire a local app developer. 


In any case which group you belong to, hiring the right company to make your project a successful launch is not less than any daunting task. It’s only possible when you have chewed over these companies through critical factors so that you can funnel down to the one that is the right fit to your incomplete puzzle.  


Below is the list of the best mobile app development companies chosen from the flooded option of the sea, who are either established in India or having operative offices here. I have ensured to curate the list in such a way that will give you a one-of-its-kind reason to align and partner with them. 


So, what you are waiting for?


Start reading and get a better insight into the companies. And who knows, you might close-in on one of the companies that’s the quick fix to all your requirements:

1. Xicom Technologies (An Epitome In The Best Indian Mobile App Companies in India)


Location: India

Employees: 300+

Pricing: $25-50/hr

Establishment Year: 2001

Xicom Technologies - inspire the next, a benchmark in the 3 W’s that rule the world - “World Wide Web”. Since its commence in 2001, this Tech startup has evolved the way SME’s and large enterprises used to make a critical business decision.

Xicom is an established software development company with an impeccable and result-oriented record in the dimensions of digital development to hire the best mobile app developers.

Right from laying the foundation to cement the footprints in software development services, mobile applications development, now making their way in IT sourcing and technology consulting, blockchain technology; striving after the hardship, the name earned to stay at the top.

Pretty cool right? Because it’s in the list of the best Indian mobile app companies in India. Without any doubt, Xicom is one of the leading names to look for in 2020 for making your next project more bigger. I assume of brewing something amazing with all the odds on their side.

Services: Mobile App development, web app development, Blockchain Technology, IT consulting, Ecommerce development, software development, PHP development, cross platform development.

2. Sourcebits (A Trusted Choice for The Best Mobile App Development Company India)


Location: India

Employees: 200+

Pricing: $80-90/hr

Establishment Year: 2006

Sourcebits is among the best cross-platform mobile app development companies in India that have been transforming businesses. Their team of techno geeks have successfully delivered more than 500+ projects, including 30+ top chart apps across various industries like finance, retail, educations, games, and lot more to list. Since its establishment in 2006, their team strives hard to be at the top by delivering quality end products within the deadline. Their team include more than 150 reliable and expert developers and designers who are proficient in the field of mobile app technology.

Services: Web app development, mobile app development (Android and iOS), UX design, digital video services, Engineering Executions.

3. Techugo (As The Best Mobile App Development Company USA)


Location: India, USA

Employees: 200+

Pricing: $100-120/hr

Establishment Year: 2015

Techugo, a name to entrust for the best mobile app development services in India, USA & Dubai. They believe the approach is what "defines them", and thus they follow a success plan, where their app developers don't select the easy and tested way for the technology integration, instead ensure to use the excellent strategies in development and design, to let the users experience an elegant solution.

The mobile and web app solution built from their end helps to accomplish the company's and startups strategic goals, which also helps further in creating exceptional user-interactions while carving an alluring appeal.

Techugo- known as the best application development companies India, designs and develops apps for iPhone and Android with serving a vast number of businesses and industries across the globe.

If you are looking to transform your dream into reality like no other can, rely on this company.

Services: Android mobile app development, iOS mobile app development, blockchain technologies, IoT technologies.

4. Cubix (The Best Among The Top iOS App Development Services In India)


Location: US

Employees: 200+

Pricing: $55-65/hr

Establishment Year: 2015

Welcome to Cubix, a leading and trusted choice to hire expert app developers. With years of collective experience within the core team, Cubix can create and establish IT infrastructure solutions to deliver an affordable, agile and scalable quick-fixes to meet the needs of today, and tomorrow.

Right from IT companies, Corporates, Banking and Finance institutions, Service providers, Enterprises, Governments sectors and Educational institutions across the globe incline on Cubix. Their team of professoinals deliver solutions for building their Data-center infrastructure that is tailored to meet the individual needs of their users, services, and applications.

Services: Design and Planning, Operation post development, Implementation, system optimization, mobile and web application development.

5. Addon Solutions (Among The Top Leading Mobile App Development Company USA)


Location: India

Employees: 200-250

Pricing: $75/hr

Establishment Year: 2010

Addon Solutions is the fastest growing top mobile app development services in India. Their core mantra “creating smart mobile apps that simplify operations in a tech-driven world ” is what stands them out in the crowd. They are known to deliver the best, innovative, yet simple mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and startups both. Their team expertise in mobile technology, with an enriched experience in providing high-quality iPhone application development, Android application development, and cross-platform application development.

If you are looking for an entrusted option, this can be your final destination without breaking your budget.

Services: Mobile App Development (Android and iOS), Web app ideas, software development, CMS solutions, UI/UX interfaces, IT consulting services.

6. Promatics Technologies (Top Leading Mobile App Development Company in India)


Location: India

Employees: 200+

Pricing: $80/hr

Establishment Year: 2015

Promatics, since its inception, has been striving hard to deliver perfect and customized solutions to cater to the needs of an ever-evolving digital landscape. Their design, development, and delivery of web and mobile solutions that transform today business. The core mantra of their commitment is what they work on to gratify clients with an unparalleled experience. Their team follow the traces of honest, technology, integrity to fuel their client's mission.

Therefore, their unique approach and simple methodologies are the right fit for your customized specific needs. Why are you still waiting? Align now, and Start now with the best app development company in India.

Services: Web and Mobile app development, Ecommerce development, cloud consulting, CMS development, User Experience Design, product development.

7. Appster (Among The Top Mobile App Development Company in USA)


Location: USA

Employees: 200+

Pricing: $100 - 149/hr

Establishment Year: 2011

Appster is at the fastest growing top mobile application development companies in USA with a focus on working with people with impeccable and fresh ideas. They have a vision of being the most innovative development company in the application ecosystem. The core goal is to provide the most incredible ideas and innovations and partner them with the right people to make them happen.

Their team empower everyday startup and entrepreneurs to create tech companies and ‘disruptive’ products even if they don’t dwell from a technical or programming background.

Services: IP protection, Rapid agile development, Rapid concept workshop

8. Dogtown Media (The Name To Trust For Mobile App Development Services USA)


Location: USA

Employees: 50

Pricing: $95/hr

Establishment Year: 2011

Are you looking for options to modernize your business for reaping maximum efficiency?

DogTown Media, the best mobile app development companies in USA is the new address for your enterprise challenges. It has crafted a niche among the top leading mobile app development companies in India, focusing on creating value-added technologies with inviting designs.

Primarily, its services consist of web and mobile solutions, design, and animation. But, with hard work, they love developing customer-centric applications on many mobile and web platforms.

The success mantra of the team is to assist the business in reaching new heights, transforming technologies and give clients an unforgettable experience.

Services: Android and iOS app development, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, mHealth, FinTech, and Robotics.

9. Blue Label Apps (The Best Choice For App Development from USA)


Location: USA

Employees: 100+

Pricing: $80/hr

Establishment Year: NA

The company reached the top mobile application development company in USA by creating an application worth praise. With each dawn-to-dusk, it is stepping towards being the fastest developing mobile application development company. Its main aim is on SME's and startups.

Do you think what makes it the perfect choice, Right?

The company's competitive price that is second to none in the industry for its impeccable services. Adding on, their team chooses to work with the clients and understand their requirements closely which makes them the best mobile app development company in USA.

Priceless ideas, profitable yet secure mobile services are the best add on for the company.

Services :  iOS, Android, Web, React Native, Wearables, Tablets, 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

10. Space-o Technologies (Best Mobile App Development Company In India)


Location: India, USA

Employees: 150+

Pricing: $90-100/hr

Establishment Year: 2010

Space-o Technologies is a self-made name in the list of the best app development services in India. Their team works to deliver solutions that create user-friendly mobile applications maximizing viewer engagement and transaction, gratifying overall satisfaction that is second to none in the industry. The team have an avant-garde experience across all the platforms - iOS and Android, tablets and desktops, connected devices, and blockchain and IoT.

Nevertheless, if you have a promising idea, this is the right place to help your dream turn in reality. Whereas the big names are concerned, such firms are capable of maintaining their status, so go ahead with the help of Space-o technologies.

Services: Android and iOS app development, IoT, Blockchain, AR


Hope this article, I have clutched with leading top 10 mobile app development companies in India will possibly drive you to the right destination. You can select any company as per your requirements, budget and within your timeline.

As the time arrives to abide you bye, but be sure to pick the best mobile app development company in India, I know it seems effortless, however, you have to take all the odds into the count and hire the best developer while writing your own success story.