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Top 8 Content Marketing Strategies to be Followed in 2020

While flowing with the research, it states that into this strategy, a fabulous deal of money is pumping by the content marketers. Do you know why?

Top 8 Content Marketing Strategies to be Followed in 2020

Friday November 01, 2019,

7 min Read

With time, the content marketing world is also changing its track. It depends totally on the marketers to break through the confusion, as we are continuously exposed to peak touching amounts of advertisements and promotions. 

So, is there any way out to perform this? Sure, we can stay ahead of the curve following compelling content marketing strategies. What else can we do to get better outcomes for our brand this year?

Well, for that, we should sit together discussing some of the content marketing strategies that every business would be looking to follow this year:

Prefer re-marketing for better lead generation

Now, you might be ready with a clue about remarketing. Yes, it’s a practicing of revealing ads to the crowd which has reached your site earlier while browsing the internet. 

While flowing with the research, it states that into this strategy, a fabulous deal of money is pumping by the content marketers. Do you know why? It’s a directly proportional aspect according to which, with the increasing frequent views of potential customers, the chances of the conversion will rise. Your click-through rate may experience a drop, but the conversion will increase two times via re marketing. 

Why don't you go for a re marketing campaign? It would be an easy way out with a little resource requirement. For the same, you will need the data of the existing customer to embrace into plentiful platforms at the disposal. In Re-target Links or Facebook Ads, you can employ re marketing options, AdRoll, and Google Ad Re marketing. 

Hence, the most important thing that should be considered is to segment the audience so you will not be required to retarget everyone with the akin promotion. 

Develop more targeted landing pages

Now, can you tell a foolproof way to increase search traffic? Let you know that its significant need is relevant and high-quality landing pages. 

You can go for developing any number of landing pages that you think would be relevant, each optimizing one or more keywords that are likely to be picked by the audience. 

Most of the brands have attained 60% more revenue just by developing more related landing pages and optimizing them for the exact keywords. 

Constantly run A/B tests

When the split testing is the subject, consistency is the key. By employing A/B split testing the conversion rate can be increased, but just remember just one percent of increase can be significant.

You can assist in boosting the conversion rate by running A/B tests on anything that strikes the search performance like CTA, visuals, headlines, site speed, landing page, and anything else.

This may also pull more targeted customers to your website’s product page. For example, when you run a split test on the product page, and test a variation of the product page against the control. At the end of the testing, you will pull out the better performance entity and implement the test results for numerous visits. 

In A/B testing don’t forget to incorporate mobile users. For mobile testing, you can run the tests on conversion relevant key user behavior like landing preferences. 

Build content snippet variants

Content snippets mean the work variants that permit to expose the content in easily shareable, and digestible formats. Every time while creating Facebook or tweet post, it’s advisable to go for various variants of those. This is how you can test the engagement level of every variation and thereby with passing time build complex sharing approaches. 

The built multiple titles should vary in complexity and/or length including, related questions, and append a call to action. On Google sheet or Excel file, you can track the status of each variant easily. 

Data use and privacy should be clear

It’s a widely-known fact that the existence of websites is funded by websites only making the use of device data or IP that comes from customers and retail to advertisers.

When we talk about the past, the web users were happy with this pattern, but presently, the status is like no hard and fast is carried out to safeguard the information. And thus, they have become suspicious. 

To make the customers trust upon us, the content marketers should work hard to protect their personal details. 

In the applications and websites, the organizers need to combine improved privacy protocols and make it a default pick. They are also required to grab permission for using data more efficiently and clearly mention the way of using said data.  Although such rules pose limiting to marketers, actually they are blessing from the front. 

Perform competitor analysis

If the competitor analysis is still in your queue the sorry to say you are already lagging behind in the game.

Today, competitor analysis in no more an option. You will get to know by most of the industry experts that the success of the search market ads on competitor analysis. 

You can improve many aspects of marketing significantly by conducting competitor analysis properly and integrating its results into your strategy for content marketing.

The best thing is that to spy on the competitors effectively, there lie numerous tools at your disposal. The use of exact automated tools can easily let you know what’s the plan of your competitors in terms of quality links and their source for back-links. 

The foremost thing you should do is pull out the strongest competition of yours. You will understand this quickly by the Google search. You can search for the main keyword and then check the sites coming on the top among the results. 

SEMRush can be given the preference which permits you to search for your main keyword and then assist in picking the exact web pages that are in competition with you.  

Next, the analysis of their links is carried out by clicking on any of those web pages and its earned links will get visible along with their source. 

Carry content distribution

Regardless of the great content, it’s of no point if it gets no views. That’s why the core aspect of the content marketing strategy is content distribution. This year distribution starts with social media, but there's much more even more than that. 

Owned media channels lie in content distribution channels like your company’s emails, websites, blogs, newsletters, and yes, the social media pages. You may even pay to make your content distributed widely employing Google Ads campaign, social media ads, and also by third parties like guest blog posts and PR pieces. 

To make your content presentable before the right audience, you should hold the hand of creativity. 

Go for creating niche content

Becoming successful in 2020 is a big question of creating content following the niche that directly targets a specific subset of customers. 

While the market is heavily loaded with content than before, so it really has to stand out to grab a chance. So this takes you towards two paths, either hold the detailed and creative content or narrow the scope and create for a smaller niche. 

Fighting should be kept aside over the same audience, and the path should turn towards the niche content. The ignored niches should be taken into consideration, along with the recognition of the undeserved angles. 

So, for the better content marketing approach in 2020, follow the above steps. You will surely notice the improvement in your content marketing strategy. Wish you luck, a good one!

These top 8 content marketing strategies to be followed in the upcoming year for promoting your content. Content is king and if you share better and useful content to your audience than you could attract more engagement for your business. Hiring a professional content marketing expert can help you a lot to boost your business through content marketing.