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Top Six Trending Christmas Celebration Suggestions

Thomas N Salzano - How to have the best Christmas

Top Six Trending Christmas Celebration Suggestions

Saturday December 21, 2019,

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Christmas fills our day with joy and gifts is what we think but actually, its love and blessings that we receive from our loved ones on Christmas” says Thomas N Salzano a motivational speaker and a famous blogger. Each one of us feels too excited when Christmas is around and the plans for the Christmas week are endless.

Christmas celebration

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. Christmas week is full of gift-giving, family and other social gatherings, symbolic decoration, feasting, etc that adds to the beauty of the celebration.

Each year we expect the Christmas celebration to be bigger and better. We look for new ideas, places, and gifts that can make the Christmas celebration more beautiful and memorable.

Some best Christmas Celebration ideas shared by Thomas that can add to your celebration fun are :

Create a Balloon Tree and…..

We all decorate the green Christmas tree every year and as a ritual keep the gifts under the decorated tree. This year try and create something different and interesting, create an additional tree of balloons and hide slips that are actually the hint about the real gifts kept under the green Christmas tree.

That means you need to pop the balloons of your favorite color (to make the game easy) of the balloon tree, find the slip with the hint about your gift and then find your gift under the green tree.

Make Everything Smell Like Christmas

Christmas is incomplete without the smell of cookies and pomander smell. You can use candles, a pot of simmer that includes oranges, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. Other than these you can use essential oils, flows, and perfumes to make your home smell like Christmas i.e. sweet and fresh.

Christmas Celebration

Create the Christmas Wall for Photographs

In this digital world, everyone loves to click pictures and post them on social media. But during Christmas, almost every picture has a similar background or concept. Be unique this time and create a special Christmas wall so that your guests won’t go back with only gifts but with some amazing photographs too.

Volunteer and Spread Smile. How…

People with good intentions love to distribute gifts, food or organize a small event for those who are not that fortunate to celebrate it on their own. This is a good gesture as you get a chance to share your happiness with others and that also during the festival. Ask your friends to join in and be social this time, this does not mean that you need to organize a charitable event. You can also open a hot cocoa stall and offer some free drinks to the public.

Play Games Like Find Santa’s Friends

Plans game like “find Santa’s friends” as in this game no one will lose. It is a scavenger hunt to find Santa’s friends.

How to play this game:

Collect a variety of plastic elves and reindeer. Now hide them wherever you want in the house. Hind a few somewhere they are easy to find so that no one loses interest in the initial stage. Whereas other items should be harder to find to make the game interesting. As a reward, each person who finds one of Santa’s friends will receive a Christmas gift.

Such games are easy to organize and the kids love such engaging games.

Organizing and Wrap-Up meets

We enjoy the Christmas party at our friend’s place because it is nicely organized. But it would be more interesting if you help your friend to organize and wrap-up the party. This would help in better management and as friends, you will get more time to bond.

christmas celebration party

The idea here is to make your friendship better and the party more professional and fun.

You need to understand that the best part of Christmas is the “love you share” and not the amount of money you spend. “As a kid what made me feel happy was the Christmas song, the lights, the Candies and the visit to Church and not the expensive clothes and parties,” says Thomas N Salzano a motivational speaker.

It is important to express our good side and be humble to the people around us. Festivals like Christmas are the best time for new resolutions, a new start and to spend time with your loved ones.