Jumping ship 101: Times when a job change makes sense

Jumping ship 101: Times when a job change makes sense

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

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Are you sticking it out in your current job, even though you hate it? Do you feel job hopping will give your new employer a bad impression about how often you switch jobs? If this is the case, then you will need to put your fears aside and embrace the opportunity. However, if you're leaving your current office for the wrong reasons, you'll probably be dissatisfied wherever you go next. Hence, you need to evaluate and find out the source of your unhappiness so you can make a successful transition that will help you grow professionally as well as personally.

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Here are five times when a job change actually makes sense.

To avoid stagnation

If you know that you’ve mastered everything that your current job throws at you, then it is about time you start hunting for a different opportunity. Stagnation at a job can be directly associated with the comfort zone that it provides, as there is no scope left for growth. This not only makes your job mundane, but it also halts your professional advancement in the long run.

For better income

If your current company doesn't grant you that promotion you've been longing for or gives you a minimal pay hike, you should consider switching jobs when an opportunity presents itself. When you find out what your counterparts in the same industry are earning, you shouldn't hesitate to put yourself in the job market to secure a better income.

Too much work stress

Every job has its fair share of unavoidable stress factors. Even studies show that an optimum level of stress is good for your productivity. However, if you can't stand your boss or colleagues, you need to get out of the toxic environment. If you find that you are constantly stressed about work even after office hours, due to impending deadlines or bothersome clients, your job switch is justified.

Life-altering personal moments

If your present job causes any hindrance to your personal life – let’s say marriage, child birth, treatment, etc., then jumping companies is of priority. Your job cannot come in the way of a healthy work-life balance.

You want to switch career paths

If you've been a doctor all your life but now want to pursue photography, you need to evaluate your options before making such a major transition. Understand the nuances of the field and if you have the skill set to pursue it. The key to making such transitions a success is networking and perseverance.

Ask yourself if your current job deserves yet another year of your life. If the answer is no, take the wheel and drive your career in the direction you want it to go.