[Year in Review 2020] ‘Indian art is like an ocean’ – 30 quotes on art opportunities and challenges in India

Drawn from our coverage of India’s creative ecosystem, we present 30 inspiring quotes on the road ahead for Indian art.

[Year in Review 2020] ‘Indian art is like an ocean’ – 30 quotes on art opportunities and challenges in India

Sunday December 20, 2020,

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From traditional to contemporary art, the arts community in this quotes compilation shares insights on the importance of art in society, India’s unique heritage, and the beauty and magic of art.

Art has an even more important role to play in this day and age as humanity battles the coronavirus pandemic. See our special compilation of 30 inspiring quotes on the power of art in the pandemic era.

Unfortunately, artists are also under pressure from intolerant forces in a number of countries around the world. Fortunately, creative and peaceful ways of expressing solidarity against polarisation and conflict are emerging, as seen in the slogans, posters and social media messages during recent demonstrations.

The quotes and photos in our compilations are drawn from articles in our weekend PhotoSparks section on art and design, as well as other articles from HerStory, SocialStory, and YourStory Weekender. See also our compilations of quotes on the occasion of World Art Day, World Heritage Day, and World Photography Day.

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Indian art is like an ocean, and with growing audiences in the country and overseas, everyone’s vision and interests in art can be realised. - Nanda Ediga

India’s ancient artwork should be enough to inspire anyone with a range of ideas. - Subarna Palai

In India, art is not just a luxury. It is a belief system and celebration that empowers our country. - Sonu Mulchandani

Art in India is evolving and spreading its wings, and has potential to reach much greater heights. - Deepthi Bhide

India has now properly entered the era of true Contemporary Art. - Sanjana Shah


If art is to flourish in India, art has to become more popular. The work of art teachers and academies should be promoted and accelerated. - KR Kumaran

People are reluctant to spend on art because they don’t know what to buy and how to go about it. - Kanthi Jayachandran

The unifying and uplifting messages of Indian classical music and art are more relevant now than ever before, and can help find solutions to present-day problems. - HN Suresh

Not all people listen to Indian classical music. Listening and humming to other music with elements of a raga can help provide relief from pain like headaches. - Runki Goswami

Pandit Ravi Shankar, the peerless musician, put Indian music and our culture on the global map. Achieving that in a non-digital era is no small feat. - Sukanya Shankar


India has a long tradition of arts and crafts. For tribal communities, there is no distinction between these two. They live art. Art is integrated into their work, homes, songs, and dances. - Subodh Kerkar

Today, the traditional crafts have to deal with changing lifestyles and compete with mass production. - Jui Tawade

India has a rich art and craft heritage. Unfortunately we are losing out on it. - Vishpala Hundekari

Traditional artisanal forms like basket weaving, pottery, and textile weaving should be saved from neglect and extinction. - Harsha D’souza

People in the rural areas tend to migrate to cities in search of a better job and lifestyle, leaving behind ancient culture and art forms. - Kalyani Gongi


We must encourage newer generations to interact with the arts and expose them to this cultural and artistic diversity as much as possible. - Smriti Rajgarhia

When you support traditional crafts, you help our artisans to pass on their skills to the next generation and keep our arts and crafts alive. - Saloni Sacheti

Crafts not only define our cultural roots but are a testament of age-old traditional wisdom and social memory. - Jui Tawade

India has a rich cultural heritage that is demonstrated through its diversity in language, art, festivals, and - most importantly - food. - Anya Kotecha

Our country is blessed with a vast and relatively untapped repository of rich artisanal skill sets; what is needed is channelling their creativity to cater to an urban audience. - Asha Sairam


We have great teachers, art connoisseurs, students but few opportunities to bring them all together. - Kiran Nadar

It is very difficult to improve art appreciation in India; art is not seen as an essential commodity. - Parimal Vaghela

We need to take the veil off cultural spaces and make them inviting for all so we can nurture inspired and thinking citizens in our country. We are all the richer for it. – Nupur Dalmia

What is lagging is proper platforms to showcase those talents, and appropriate appreciation and fair prices for artists. - Banani Kundu

We barely promote the teaching of art history here. Very few people know about our traditional art forms and techniques. - Deepa Singh


We need a drastic change in our education system to strike a balance between studies, creative arts, and sports. - Shama Khan

Art needs to become affordable and must reach the masses. Promotion of art as a career option will ensure more students take up art. - Shole Madhusudhanan

Several children with disabilities are extremely creative and passionate about their art. This deserves to be recognised and rewarded. - Sanaa Beriwali and Aarushi Barai

By uplifting the underprivileged, we can nurture a lot of hidden talent that could lead to the next MF Hussain or Picasso. - Deepa Anantakrishnan

YourStory has also published the pocketbook ‘Proverbs and Quotes for Entrepreneurs: A World of Inspiration for Startups’ as a creative and motivational guide for innovators (downloadable as apps here: Apple, Android).