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Homegrown SaaS startup Postman is now valued at $5.6 billion after it raised $225 million in a Series D round.

Homegrown SaaS startup Postman is now valued at $5.6 billion after it raised $225 million in a Series D round. 

The startup will use the Series D capital to continue to invest in its community of developers across the globe, support students through API literacy programmes, and contribute toward open-source projects to foster the API ecosystem.

Founded in 2014, Postman entered the unicorn club in June 2020 at a valuation of $2 billion after its Series C funding round of $150 million. So far, it has raised more than $430 million across four rounds of funding.

The startup was launched as a side project when Founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana set out to solve the problem of API (application program interface) debugging for himself. 

Today, the platform has more than 17 million users and 500,000 organisations on its platform and claims to be the largest API community in the world.

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Postman Founder & CEO Abhinav Asthana

“We are talking to 11 million developers across the planet, as best as we can, and that’s where our product development process is aligned. People like that, they share it, and we fundamentally come out far ahead, month after month, year after year.”

Abhinav Asthana, Founder and CEO, Postman 

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