From idea to IPO: 20 quotes on startups and scale-ups from TechSparks 2021

From acorn to unicorn, we present 20 quotes on the entrepreneurial journey from YourStory’s premier TechSparks 2021 conference.

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Startups are built for a greater purpose. So the enthusiasm to innovate is visible at every level. - Varun Mayya, Scenes by Avalon

Today, a lot of startups are growing and taking as little as 18 months to become unicorns. - Kulmeet Bawa, SAP

Three years back it was I am Abhay, and he is Vivek, and we are building Licious. Today, it is the other way around. It is Licious building us. - Abhay Hanjura, Licious

The journey of entrepreneurship is going to be a journey of highs and lows. It's what you signed up for. – Naiyya Saggi, BabyChakra

Nine out of 10 things go wrong when you are an entrepreneur, and you must keep charging on. - Ankiti Bose, Zilingo

It has to do with your aspiration as an entrepreneur and as a collective what you are looking to do. That guides the velocity of the engine and what horsepower and speed that it needs to take. - Abhay Hanjura, Licious

The participation of women entrepreneurs in companies with 10 employees and up is dropping rapidly, especially in the tech space. We still have a huge gap to cover, and one of the reasons is how time-consuming being an entrepreneur is. - Diane Janknegt, WizeNoze

We are now seeing women entrepreneurs aligning themselves with communities, which is helping them with networking, business understanding, and access to capital. - Sunitha Ramaswamy, LetsVenture

Entrepreneurs need to stay connected to the context and the environment, and nurture the ability to pick up trends while sticking one’s neck out and taking a few risks. - Shailendra Katyal, Lenovo

As a founder, your role is to unblock people and understand why it isn’t happening? And get in there and unblock people. The engine is run by the people. - Harshil Mathur, Razorpay

It is the quality of the founder who will always attract talent and build teams. - Gopal Srinivasan, TVS Capital Funds

ESOP is a critical tool for founders because it’s a tool to drive entrepreneurial behaviour. Employees start thinking of themselves as owners of the company, and go the extra mile to ensure the company succeeds. - Vikram Sivaraman, Qapita Fintech

Employees should have a clear understanding of how much they are liquidating, and founders should provide clear visibility on numbers, especially for the younger employees. - Shantanu Deshpande, Bombay Shaving Company

There is a strong ecosystem of founders, legal companies, and startups that help other startups accelerate the initial process today. - Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Zetwerk

Companies succeed because you back phenomenal founders. - Priya Mohan, Venture Highway

The brand is decided by the founders and what they believe in. Consultants just help in drilling it down. It is a living and breathing organism. - Harshil Mathur, RazorPay

In the early days, you have to live the brand. When it comes to scaling, what becomes extremely important is creating ownership of the brand. - Abhay Hanjura, Licious

Every company that has become a unicorn has slogged for the last eight-nine years to be where they are today. - Virendra Gupta, Dailyhunt

The most fun thing in life is to have a company of your own, where you can keep building things. - Steve Wozniak

Magic happens when the vision is shared. - Rachana Gupta, Gynoveda

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