‘It’s hard to get to #1, but it’s harder to stay there’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

From peak to perseverance, witness the memorable journey of changemakers and gamechangers in these quotes, excerpts, and stories.

‘It’s hard to get to #1, but it’s harder to stay there’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

Saturday January 07, 2023,

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If you don't believe in yourself, no one in the world is going to believe in you. Don't count on external gratification. - Kanika Tekriwal, JetSetGo

If you learn because you experimented, tried something and it didn’t work out, you are more likely to embrace the learning than when you think you have had a “failure”. - Daniel Strode, ‘The Culture Advantage’

It’s the boring things repeated everyday that lead to mastery, lead to becoming a unicorn, lead to being a Grand Slam champion. - Shayamal Vallabhjee

Someone will catch up on the product, but it is difficult to catch up on the philosophy of the business. - Nithin Kamath, Zerodha

Sex is not just about the body, it’s primarily about the mind and emotions. - Seema Anand

There’s a certain cultural competence required for travel, and the moment you cultivate that, you’ll be pretty okay. - Nidhi Salgame, Wander Beyond Boundaries

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The arts are unpredictable, tiring, they wring both your body and soul. Yet, if you stay on, the arts can give you the highest of highs ever possible in human life. - Geeta Chandran, SAF

Crafts require a high level of skillset and the remuneration should be in proportion to the effort and skill. - Anjana Somany, SAF

A curator is a visual storyteller. Through your curatorial discourse, you have to make sure that a story is worth telling - that's where the success lies. - Wendy Amanda Coutinho. '832'

Every child is an artist and it is society's responsibility to ensure that they remain artists. - Tarushee Mehra, Museum of Goa

Retaining women, particularly mid-career, is the biggest challenge as that is when women have to juggle expanded responsibilities in personal as well as professional lives. - Mangalapadma Srinivasan, Verizon

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When you're 30 000 feet in the air you only see horizons not boundaries. - Amelia Earhart

We need to survive long enough to get lucky, which is often a secret sauce for success. - Nithin Kamath, Zerodha

At the end of the day, it’s important to have that something only you can bring to the table. - Dolly Singh

It’s hard to get to #1, but it’s harder to stay there. Because when you’re the hunted and not the hunter, life is just harder. - Sania Mirza

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