‘It is crucial that we create an ecosystem of positive transformation’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

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‘It is crucial that we create an ecosystem of positive transformation’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

Tuesday February 28, 2023,

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There should not be focus on progress just for awards. Instead, progress in itself is an award. - Ganapathi Agnihothri, Chitra Santhe

Art is not just for expression of one's thoughts - it is about doing art for a cause. - G Chaitanya, Chitra Santhe

Creativity is the reflection and result of internal exploration. It sometimes has no words to express it, and comes out as visual arts. - Manjunatha (‘MANZz’), Chitra Santhe

Every artist craves for appreciation of their work. This recognition gives immense pleasure internally. And if the artwork finds a new home, it doubles this happiness. - Hema Vinayak Patil, Chitra Santhe

I do get disheartened by heartless, vicious comments, but I have to accept them and move on. I tell myself that they are all probably just jobless or have too much time on their hands. - Khatija Rahman, AR Rahman Foundation

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Joining a market-leading agri-startup at the forefront of India's agritech industry is an exciting opportunity. This sector is currently at a strategic juncture and presents significant growth opportunities. - Vivek Venkatasen, Ninjacart

This is India's decade and if we can pull it off, this could be India’s century. - Saugata Gupta, Kyndryl

We in India, as an economy and as stakeholders of the economy, should all adopt AI with open arms. - Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Cabs

Relocating and setting up your business in Canada is an often overlooked but much easier option than trying to set up operations directly in the US. - Ray Walia, Launch Ventures

To achieve the goals of One Earth, One Family, One Future', we need to find common ground even as geopolitical tensions are rising. - Kristalina Georgieva, IMF

Companies are becoming more environmentally conscious as they work to lessen their carbon footprint, pollution, and waste along the whole supply chain. - Zaiba Sarang, iThink Logistics

With reverse migration, most villagers were in need of livelihood-generating opportunities at the village level. - Nidhi Pant, S4S Technologies

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It is a responsibility and duty to ensure that while we do well as an organisation we go beyond business and we do good for society. - Divya Gokulnath, BYJU'S

We believe that once you empower women and get them up, naturally the society at that level, the community and the family does take a significant upliftment. - Lingraju Sawkar, Kyndryl

Generational poverty often leads to a loss of aspiration and hope – or mental poverty. To begin a process of change, it is crucial that we address this aspect and create an ecosystem of positive transformation. - Zarina Screwvala, Swades Foundation

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