‘Progress in itself is an award’ – artist insights on the meaning of success in the creative journey

In this photo essay, we share more highlights from the Chitra Santhe 2023 art fair, along with artist insights on the meaning, flavours, and importance of success. Learn, enjoy, share!

‘Progress in itself is an award’ – artist insights on the meaning of success in the creative journey

Sunday February 26, 2023,

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Over a thousand artists from across India showcased the diversity of art at the 2021 edition of Chitra Santhe. Held each year in Bengaluru, the festival is regarded as India’s largest street fair for art, with a wide range of styles, genres, themes, and mediums.


See our earlier coverage of the 2023 edition here, as well as photo essays on Chitra Santhe editions from the past eight years: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

YourStory spoke to a range of artists on their creative journeys. In the earlier articles, they shared insights on their passion for art, the festival experience, pandemic resilience, and tips for bouncing back from failure. In this photo essay, they describe what success means for them, and how they stay the course to fulfilment.

“Success is when artists are able to convey what they wanted to express to the common man,” Bengaluru-based artist G Chaitanya explains, in a chat with YourStory.

G Chaitanya

G Chaitanya

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“For example, I work on reviving Indian art forms through a method called pyrography, which involves burning on wood,” she describes.

“People are always looking for something new, but our ancient art forms are vanishing. So though mine is a new medium, I am trying to bring awareness about Indian culture through it,” she says.

“I believe art is not just for expression of one's thoughts - it is about doing art for a cause,” Chaitanya affirms. Her artworks have been shown at events in Maharashtra and Rajasthan as well.


“Success is an imagination of happiness, a belief that something great has been achieved. But as an artist, I believe that success should not be the end goal—it is a continuous journey,” artist Manjunatha (‘MANZz’) explains.

“Creativity is the reflection and result of internal exploration. It sometimes has no words to express it, and comes out as visual arts. Artistic success cannot be completely measured commercially, it is about the time and impact,” he adds.

“I'm happy with where I stand now. I'm not overly ambitious about popularity or recognition as an artist,” Devi Pramod describes.

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“I am happy with how I have evolved as an artist over the ten years of my journey. My focus has always been on creating good art,” she adds.

Even without any promotions, she says she is getting requests for commissioned works on a regular basis from her circle. “Nowadays, I sell around ten paintings a year,” Devi says.

“Because of the intricacy and detailing of the work, some of the paintings take more than a month's time. Because of that, I cannot take up more work,” she describes.


“Every artist craves for appreciation of their work. This recognition gives immense pleasure internally. And if the artwork finds a new home, it doubles this happiness,” Hema Vinayak Patil describes.

“Artists will be successful when they can express themselves through their creations. The internal exploration of feelings is thus showcased to society,” Shrabani Misra explains.

“I am not confident enough to say that I have gained success as an artist but I am assertive about moving in the right path. Every work that we undertake with faith and honesty, definitely brings in good fortune,” Ganapathi Agnihothri says.

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“Our work should be on the path of righteousness. We can reach the goal if we follow what our mind firmly believes in. The progress that we make bit by bit should be considered as a small victory, and we should move forward,” he adds.

“There is no other recognition as great as our own satisfaction in the work that we do.  With this satisfaction, money also eventually comes in search of us. But too much love for money is not good either,” he describes.

“Therefore, there should not be focus on progress just for awards. Instead, progress in itself is an award,” Ganapathi signs off.

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule and find new avenues to apply your creativity?


(All photographs were taken by Madanmohan Rao on location at the fair.)

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Edited by Kanishk Singh