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10 productivity apps that may help CEOs become more efficient

Monday August 27, 2018,

4 min Read

Being a CEO is a rather challenging job which requires a lot of work and dedication and, naturally, brings a lot of challenges along the way. The majority of successful CEOs who have a lot of work on their hands on a daily basis find it quite difficult to stay efficient. Luckily, there are some productivity apps which are guaranteed to help any success-driven CEO stay at the top of their game!

1. LastPass

LastPass is an easy to use password manager with lots of free features and an even better premium version. If you have trouble keeping track of which password are you using for what, LastPass is a must have.

2. Instapaper

Instapaper is the ideal solution for people who need to do a lot of research or simply like reading. It helps you bookmark any articles or materials you come across when browsing your social media so you can take a more detailed look later at your convenience.

3. Otter

Another truly amazing app. Otter allows you to transcribe conversations, but it was designed primarily for longer conversations. It is not perfectly accurate, but it allows you to go through meetings or conversations you had with people in the form of a readable document.

4. Blinkist

If you have 15 minutes to waste but want to use them in a productive manner, you need Blinkist. Blinkist digests over 2500 non-fiction books into 15-minute audio and text material that you can chew on at your own pace. It is a great way to inform and educate yourself, thus staying one step ahead of the competition.

5. Google Keep

Google Keep is basically the modern-day equivalent of post-it notes. If you have troubles with forgetting menial, everyday tasks, simply slap them across your screen, from where they will stare at you until you complete them with Google Keep.

6. Scanner Pro

While mobile scanning apps certainly aren’t innovative, Scanner Pro manages to stay one step ahead of its competition. You can use Scanner Pro to scan any documents and turn them into virtual files even in bad lighting conditions.

7. Shedwool

If your company operates in shifts, chances are that you are having problems with organization and communication. Having a good system for organizing shift workers enables you to save time for both managers and employees. ShedWool is an employee scheduling app that aims to eliminate any miscommunication and one of the few available for free. Basically, it is a free way for you to improve your company’s organization and boost its productivity.

8. Hours

Not being aware of how much time it takes them to do every day or repetitive tasks is the number one reason why some people have trouble wasting too much time. With this amazing app, you can track how much time you spend on actually completing certain tasks and compare it against how much time you spent on various distractions.

9. Grammarly

If you do a lot of writing in English you will want to have this app. You probably think that Word does the same job, but they are in fact not even remotely similar. Grammarly does an amazing job at text analysis and correcting grammar mistakes that many other programs often overlook.

On top of that, it can suggest better expressions if you use words in a wrong context. This app will take your writing skill to the next level.

10. Overcast

Overcast has quickly gained the status of the most popular podcast app on the market at the moment. It offers unique features such as Voice Boost which allows you to normalize the volume, speed up or slow down the podcast to fit your needs perfectly. If you enjoy listening to podcasts but finding yourself with not enough time for them, you need Overcast.

Well, that sums up my list of productivity apps that you can try out even today to improve your efficiency, save some time or simply make your busy life a bit easier. The market nowadays is flooded with endless numbers of apps to choose from and I’m sure there might be quite a few better than the one I have listed or handy in some other way, so be sure to explore other options as well and share with us other tools you found useful.