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8 keys to impactfulness in the 1st interview

All the best for your interview

8 keys to impactfulness in the 1st interview

Saturday March 03, 2018,

4 min Read

Every human is different and so are their dreams and life goals. Spending years to enrich and enhance ones potential to reach out the point which stands close to the dreams they have always dreamt of. Years of education to attain and discover the true self.

After graduation and post graduation finally comes to the pay off time where students sit for campus placement. Nervousness, excitement, stressed are some very common emotions faced by all. It's important to be relaxed and confident in a balanced way before your big and one of the important days of life.

Candidates with same as well different qualifications sit for the placement but the major question which comes to every mind of " what makes those candidate different who clear all rounds than from those who couldn't ? " so, don't let not being selected disappoint you or make you feel any less . Here are some simple 8 key steps that will help you to have your 1st interview impactful.

1. Physical preparation:-

source - google images

source - google images

As we all are very much familiar with the phrase "1st impression is the last impression" keeping that in mind we should be properly groomed up for the interview. The formal outfit, walking properly, sitting in a good posture is important. One should always keep in mind that before they actually speak a word, their physical outlook says a lot more about them.

2. Good manners and conduct:- 

source - google images

source - google images

Being cool, calm and confident is the 3C's which need to be followed. Etiquette plays a major role here, showing gratitude, being soft-spoken etc. are the small details that need to be checked.

3. Formatted Resume:-

Carry a properly formatted resume along with, describing all the mandatory information about you. Make sure it should not be too long like 3-4 pages. The resume should be comprehensive but in condensed form. Follow the rule "saying all in few words".

4.  Mental preparation:- 

source - google images

source - google images

Candidate should have enough knowledge about their subject. it's necessary to revise topics from the subject which are related to the job profile as well as important from the subject knowledge point of view also. Not just the subjective information but one should have sound knowledge one should have sound knowledge about the current events as well.

5. Information about the company:- 

source - google images

source - google images

Facts like the owner of the company, turnover, director/s, product or service provided by the company, shares (if any) etc should be read by the candidate. It is requisite to have knowledge about the company one is applying in, know every detail about the company that you should know

6. Psychological preparation:-

source - google images

source - google images

At times due to nervousness might face situations where they are not being able to answer the questions asked, one needs to remember that inability to answer imposes a bad impression on the interviewer. Hence, it is advisable to answer questions with honesty as and how much they could be answered.

7. Clarity of Purpose:-

source - google images

source - google images

Job offered by the company should be clear in minds of the candidate. Carefully read the notification sent as the offer. Is the nature of duties, job profile, the requirement for the job matches the one that you poses? Will the job be beneficial to you in your future perspective?

8. Self-check and focus:-

source - google images

source - google images

Your focus should be on what they are offering you instead of what you can offer then make sure not to sound overconfident about things. Conduct pre-interview practice with the help of your known's and check yourself, identify your strengths and weakness, test your stress level and work on the things you find unsound.

Cogitating the above points before your interview will surely help have an impactful interview.

8 keys to impactfulness in the 1st interview - narrated by Ankit Maharishi

give your feedback,  happy to help.

give your feedback,  happy to help.