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How Much does it Cost to Develop a Job Portal App and Website?

How Much does it Cost to Develop a Job Portal App and Website?

Wednesday August 05, 2020,

5 min Read

Thinking of any job application and portal, the first name that strikes the mind is none other than the few market giants Naukri.com and its western counterpart Monster.com.

A job portal is a platform with advanced job facilitation resources and features which allows the people seeking jobs to connect with those who are recruiting, that too on a global level.

These two giants have extensive networking of clients and businesses in almost all the possible functional areas and fields.

These platforms act as a catalyst for both employer and employee, reducing the stress around candidate/job searching by matching the needs of the firm with the skills of the candidate, automatically, giving out accurate results.

The primary task of the job portals is to simplify the entire hiring-applying procedure and simultaneously make it more rewarding.

This platform is somehow more relevant to those who have an opportunistic nature.

Proving multiple critics incorrectly, this stage has given a lot of amazing opportunities to job seekers, and one main for this is the fact that it enables the recruiters to have an interaction at a much wider level.

At the same time, they can manage to integrate more than one language. With all these successful ventures on the plate, the question arises on how much it costs to develop a job portal app and website. Let's have a look at the two fundamental queries.

Why go for Job Portal Software Development?

  1. Everyone and anyone from the industry can apply on the job portals, irrespective of their stream. Interesting opportunities are provided to job seekers from a job catalog from almost all sectors of the economy. The search options available are user-friendly and have filters based on remuneration, location, skills, experience, etc. 
  2. This software can provide a plethora of job posts, not just in totality, but it can provide multiple jobs from just one sector itself. Similarly, the recruiters get a good pool of candidates to select the one that best suits their company requirements without too much energy drainage. The preliminary tasks are done by the job portal app development company
  3. Building and integrating a highly encrypted and secure payment mode must be the topmost priority of any mobile app development company. The addition of a reliable payment gateway makes it more comfortable to deal with the parties using the software.    
  4. These platforms enable a fair play for both ends, unlike most other job application procedures. Here not just the employer gets to know about the candidate. Still, the candidate can also check all the credentials of their employer as the mobile app development company verifies the employer profile.     
  5. Data security is another important element for software developers, which can be done using the latest technology available. The fact that all the data on the portal is highly sensitive should be taken seriously by the developers. 

Now that we have understood why one needs to build a job application website and app, we move forward to figure out how much it would cost for the process and beyond.

What is the cost of job portal development

Everything has a price to pay, from appearance to speed to device compatibility, the better you want, the more you need to drain your pockets.

The overall approximate cost of platform choosing, and for further panel building, might range from $1000 to $10000, depending upon the different features you choose.

The upper and the lower limits might vary slightly with regard to the exact needs of the portal.

These three categories of apps are Native apps, Hybrid Apps, and Web apps. And the cost varies upon the type of app which is chosen to be developed.

Furthermore, the voice of compatible operating systems, iOS, or Android also is a huge determinant in cost approximation. 

Finalizing the platform is indeed a very tiresome work. The platform can be chosen, keeping in mind the needs and demands of the target audience or the age group you might be willing to cover.

You also have the Amazon option with the advent of advanced technology to use the service of a cross-platform for your app or portal. 

The functionality and the features of any mobile app are the sole determiners of a mobile app's complexity.

The primary apps are the ones that come with very basic features and lower-level user interface with regular features.

The intermediate-level apps include surplus features like API integration, real-time messaging with negligible complexity, and a very simple back-end structure.

The high-level apps are well versed with elaborate and more complex features like media processing, customized animations, real-time sync, etc. 

  • Application Program Interface or API development cost also varies. It is the exact way the developer creates a program that requests services from an OS. The cost increases with more customization and response validation. 
  • Once the app is developed, it is very important to fix bugs as promptly as one can as this decides the permanent credibility of the portal and helps retain the clients. Now, this is a recurring cost most of the time, but certain agencies dealing in bug fixing also have the provision of one-time payment attached to the costs of app development. 


Client satisfaction and overall services to the client must be kept in mind before finalizing all the cost determiners of app development. You might initially feel like sticking on to a very nominally costing development procedure. Still, eventually, all the features you left behind might become necessary for the client's clients' satisfaction. So to generate long term high profits, the development cost decisions must be taken very wisely.

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