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What are the simple ways to quickly increase Online sales?

Every online business wants to quickly increase its daily sales to stay competitive and grow faster. But the biggest question is how to do it or what are various simple ways to do it?

What are the simple ways to quickly increase Online sales?

Friday August 30, 2019,

7 min Read

Every online business wants to quickly increase its daily sales to stay competitive and grow faster. But the biggest question is how to do it or what are various simple ways to do it? People generally prefer to increase their investment spending on general parameters such as marketing strategies or private sales channels. Surprisingly it has been found that a few small changes in your website can make all the difference. Try to build a better customer experience which will, in turn, result in higher interaction rates and larger conversion ratio. To quickly boost your sales it is very important to win the loyalty of the customers so that they become your brand ambassador.

You need to understand the science of conversion optimization to improve your cash flow. The more time visitors will spend on your website better will be the chances of them becoming customers or leads. The article will provide you with very simple ways that can be quickly implemented to increase your daily sales.

What are the simple technicalities involved?

You must get familiar with certain metrics to derive the best of the results. You will be required to use any trusted analytics tools such as Google Analytics to keep track of the situations at all times.


All people who have shown an active interest in any of your services or product are called leads. Leads are very important for you as they have all the chances to become potential clients of your esteemed services and products. To keep track of your leads always keep count of your email subscribers, registered users, and contact form submissions. If you have a large customer base you need to maintain your lead counts with the help of subscribed analytics software. You can apply simple ways such as collecting email addresses, registration forms, and request for quotes to increase your leads.

Conversion Rate

The customers that abide by the particular goal of your website whether it is buying a product or review it decide the conversion rates. You can calculate it any time by taking the ratio of converted leads with the overall visitors. Conversion rate is one of the prime parameters of measuring success and is directly proportional to the number of leads you are getting. There exist simple ways to increase the conversion rate that are to be discussed in the following sections.

Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

Both of them give us a clear idea about the behavior of the visitor on your website or the specific page. Bounce Rate is defined by the percentage of people that visited only the single page and left the website. It can be taken in both senses as the customer is often performing the action you want it to perform and then leaves. Exit rate is defined as the numbers of visitors that are immediately lifting off from any particular page. The rates can be constantly studied using Google Analytics under the “User’s Flow” report.

What are the simple ways to quickly increase online sales?

The majority of online businesses spend a lot of time and money to figure out ways to boost their daily sales. Once getting familiar with metrics you can easily implement the steps provided below to increase your sales right away.

Personalizing Call-to-Action 

The rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics has led to avid personalization of user experience. You must personalize your call to action according to the type of people you are dealing with whether it is a first-timer, a lead or a loyal customer.

According to the market research personalized customer experience leads to immediate conversions and a rise in sales. Online companies such as HubSpot and Amazon are experiencing one-third of rises in lead conversions due to personalizing call to action. Hence always keep in mind the individual expectations of the customers and then map out their journey accordingly.

Headlines must be clear and precise

Headlines must be kept very clear to grab the attention of all the visitors. You must provide explicit and precise headlines to successfully engage more customers. Many SEO experts have reported that more content-oriented headlines have increase the conversion rates by up to one half. Always mention the work that you do along with your target audience into your headlines to get more leads.

Declutter the navigation of your site

It is a proven fact that eliminating all the unnecessary space taken by navigation can result in higher conversion rates. The main idea is to keep all the limelight on call to action and main components of the page. Try minimizing the space taken by navigation bars so that the customers can put their focus upon CTA’s and other important elements. Navigation is itself an important component and cannot be avoided instead arrangements must be made to optimize the space in a very profitable manner. Hence keep your products and CTA's in the mainframe and try to minimize the space allotted to navigations.

Highlight the content near Call to Action

Case studies of online betting community Unbounce and online retailer Zalora shows that highlighting the content near CTA effectively raised their conversion to one third. Try to align the content with the goals and focus on the target audience. Never ignore the content around CTA instead always include the expectations and concerns of the customers while writing the text.

Use Attractive Pop-up Offers

While pop-ups are usually considered distractions but some of the reports show otherwise. Online companies have reported that smart use of pop-ups can lead to an increase in conversions and fall in cart abandonment rates. Many firms are experimenting with pop-ups laced with discounts and beneficiaries and are witnessing higher conversion rates. Try to introduce pop-ups with discounts for a start and feel the magic for itself.

Include Ample Whitespace into your site

Whitespace or better known as breathing space plays an important role in online businesses and e-commerce stores. Once the elements get crowded visitors to face a lot of problems in fast navigation and bounces back. Case Studies by The Good prove that decluttering of online stores is one of the best ways to increase traffic and boost sales. Make attempts to create ample space between each of your online content to make it easily accessible for your customers.

Try to add real photos

Yes, it makes sense to add photos of the real products and especially in use. Replace stock photos with the actual ones and experience higher conversion rates. Many studies have claimed that replacing stock photos with actual photos and videography has resulted in multiplied conversion rates. Keep your photographs large enough and of higher quality to attract more consumers. The idea is to make the whole customer experience realistic and as lively as possible.

Work upon the Readability

It is very important to keep the content readable whether it is heading, CTA or product descriptions. Nicely written content is the best way to convince customers to buy your given product. The two most appropriate ways to make content accessible is to make font sizes larger and simplify the language. Many online businesses conduct regular's readability tests to keep their content easily accessible.

Prove your legacy

To raise your sales you need to showcase your legacy of satisfied customers. Reviewing the product is the best way to increase its conversion rates and is equivalent to recommendations. Display your list of testimonials, case studies, and awards to attract the number of visitors each day. Start collecting valuable feedback, reviews, and recommendations to drive more traffic to your online business.

Showcase guarantees and security policies

Providing guarantees to customers about product quality and service quality is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. The best way to do it is to provide appropriate security policies, money-back guarantees, and return policies. The customer puts more trust into industry ratings, rewards and accreditations and tends to purchase more of standardized products.


You can use the advice to make some changes and increase the daily sales of the online business. Try to run simple tests on existing website elements such as images, navigation, and call to action to optimize your investments. The majority of online businesses invest a lot of money to boost their conversion rates. You can boost your daily sales by following some simple steps and making amendments accordingly.