‘A North Star metric captures the fundamental value created by your business’ – 25 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From motivation to metrics, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

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Know and remember to build your brand with longevity, permanency, and consistency. - Masoom Minawala

Your story is your birthright. - Murray Nossel, ‘Powered by Storytelling’

Keep things simple, but keep things research-backed. A good way to ensure this is by being original, sticking to your own data. - Forum Sheth, WebEngage

Collaboration only succeeds if you are able to create safe spaces for open and inclusive conversations. - Dave Malouf

What you learn through education should be manifested in your everyday lives. - Ritesh Rawal, ‘Gullies of India’

Invention is not accidental. There is a process that results in innovation. And that is design. - Suresh Eriyat, Eesaurus Productions

Design is a serious career, perhaps as important as a doctor and definitely as an engineer. You can play a role in saving lives, in creating a safe environment, in designing systems for fewer accidents, and in disease management. - Nandita Abraham, GUS Global Services

Design by definition is meaningful and purposeful. We get to create, generate, and ideate. The world is ready for a Renaissance 2.0. Our time is now. - Preethi Gopinath, Parsons, The New School

Do not copy the work of other artists. Produce your own work that will give you recognition and fame. - Rashmi Soni, MayinArt

Success comes from appreciation and being able to provide motivation and hope to society in bringing out the values of humanism – or making humanism great again. - Nugroho Heri Cahyono, MayinArt

It’s imperative to promote STEM education for girls early on, thus opening up better opportunities going forward. - Dhanya Ros Mathew, Fujitsu Consulting

So far, there have only been grooming kits for men at hotels, but there is nothing on menstrual hygiene. - Madan Mohit Bharadwaj, SheWings Foundation

It is heartening to see several organisations taking a step in the right direction to make the workplace more women-friendly. - Neha Bagaria, JobsForHer

About 80 percent of agricultural work is done by women and people in rural India. For their livelihoods, rural households depend on resources from the local environment. - Crispino Lobo, WOTR

It is not enough to say that you are concerned about the disadvantaged. Concern must be translated into action, and action into results. - AM Naik, Larsen & Toubro

The narrative must change, else the forest depletions under the garb of development will always be pursued. - Govind Gorur

In today's rapidly evolving circular economy it is critical to implement innovative solutions to improve our collective environmental footprint. - Mainak Dhar, Kimberly-Clark India

Intense running and workout wear out shoes in a couple of months. This generates a lot of waste as damaged shoes aren’t properly disposed of. -Shriyans Bhandari, Greensole

Just imagine bio-wastes being converted into diesel for our cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial applications and that too without any retrofit or modification required. - Satya Bansal, Blue Ashva Capital

We have a choice today to consume consciously and responsibly. We are, at the end of the day, what we eat. - Shweta Thakur, Wildermart

Healthy living is not just about the body, but also includes the things around us. What we breathe and smell has an impact on our day-to-day life. - Satish Patronia, Applefall

Time-pressed lifestyles coupled with the easy availability of snacks is fuelling snacking frequency among Indian consumers. - Mintel report

If you want to build scale, there's nowhere better to go than India. And if you solve problems with the Indian perspective of ‘low-cost high-value,’ you're going to have a real edge. - Will Poole, Unitus Ventures

The worse things got in the big cities, the more people wanted to get out. We have witnessed many Indians putting in place a backup plan to move abroad, if necessary. - Prashant Kalra, The Penthouse Boutique

The Government of India's revisions to FAME-II subsidies is a welcome step that will only add zeal to the adoption of electric vehicles. - Jeetender Sharma, Okinawa Autotech

In our country, sadly, there are two extreme sides, nothing in the middle. - Saloni Gaur

If so many IT companies can get listed, then why can’t a farmer’s company? Satyajit and Ajinkya Hange, Two Brothers Organic Farms

Private equity and public investors look at a company with a completely different lens, unlike a VC. - Rahul Khanna, Trifecta Capital

Ideals are like the stars: we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them. - Carl Schurz

The joy is in learning what is it to be an entrepreneur, what is it to be a leader, to be a manager. - Paras Chopra, Wingify

Being an entrepreneur sounds fantastic to others. However, what others do not see is the battles you fight every day and every minute to grow the business. - Lakshitaa Khanna, Bodh

A North Star metric captures the fundamental value created by your business. It is the core unit that fundamentally shows the direction you need to pursue your business. - Amit Somani, Prime Venture Partners

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