Technology in the pet care industry - the way forward

Anushka Iyer, Founder & CEO at explores emerging concepts in pet technology - the future of the pet care industry.

Technology in the pet care industry - the way forward

Wednesday November 10, 2021,

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As pets have acquired the indisputable status of a family member, pet parents are becoming increasingly conscious about their health and lifestyle. It’s reflected in the choices they make, be it while browsing for products or services.

From choosing food that is 100 percent human grade to immunity-boosting probiotic strips to reduce dependency on pills, pet care is changing the game and how. But, with technology easing its way into our lives and making everything better and seamless, the pet care industry is now relying on it too.

It is growing at an unprecedented pace by evolving and keeping itself abreast of the needs of a 21st-century pet parent. But the question remains, what’s next for pet care?

The answer is pet technology.

Let’s explore the upcoming technology in the pet care space.

Hydro & electrotherapy -

The traditional form of treatment in pets is often a visit to the veterinarian coupled with a dosage of medicines and injections. But technology has given pet treatments a new perspective and hope to ailing pets.

1. Hydrotherapy is a renowned therapeutic exercise in water for humans. Cut to 2021, it is now widely being used to treat similar physiological conditions in pets like arthritis and hip dysplasia, strained muscles, uncoordinated movement etc. This form of therapy generally includes a source of water (like a swimming pool) or a treadmill underwater and it encourages pets to walk on it. This form of physiotherapy is now gaining popularity for its effectiveness and promising results.

2. Electrotherapy in pets may sound scary but unlike its name, it’s a painless procedure to treat pets with muscle weakness, numbness, back or limb pain. It’s a drug-free and non-invasive method focused to treat any kind of neurological issues in pets. Under this method, low-intensity electrical signals are sent through the nerves to stop any pain sensations from reaching the brain. It’s nothing but a masking technique that disrupts the pain pathway and eases the intensity of pain experienced by the pet.

A hip harness

It is well known that dogs with hip dysplasia have to suffer through immense pain. And while CBD pet products are natural remedies, pet technology has come to the rescue again.

A harness made for dogs with hip dysplasia to support their hip joints and reduce pain is gaining popularity amongst vets and pet parents alike.

AI-engineered communication

Ever wondered if life would have been easier only if our pets knew how to talk? Turns out, they do talk and this new technology is slowly making this dream come true!

Technology has allowed us to create AI-engineered communication that allows pets to communicate their feelings, desires and needs with us, in multiple languages. The premise of this technology is that our pets are intelligent beings and have an untapped potential for communication.

With the right algorithm, research and development, technology can allow us to have a free flow of interaction with them, improving the relationship between the two.

A Fitbit for pets

Pet health and wellness will always be a priority in the pet care space. And to add more life to it, technology has opened the floodgates to ensure that your pet’s health is accounted for, 24x7.

And that’s where a Fitbit for pets has come into the picture. Pet parents often rue the fact that they aren’t able to keep track of their pet’s health conditions like heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, steps, cardio and duration of exercise.

These health parameters are essential to determine a pet’s overall wellbeing and anything that goes astray can be an alarming sign of a health issue. On so many occasions, pet parents couldn’t have access to this information and sadly lost their pets.

An e-collar inbuilt with a GPS and health tracker that sends your pet’s vitals directly to your phone through an application is under the works. This multi wonder e-collar will not only keep track of your pet’s location but will also locate any brewing illnesses that you might be unaware of. And this is where a stitch in time will save nine.

A robotic pet for your pets

Leaving a pet alone, back home is probably the hardest thing a pet parent has to do especially when they are single and working. In the meantime, let technology watch over and care for your pet while you are away.

These robotic pets have an inbuilt camera, microphone and space to keep your pet’s favorite treats as well! They allow for live interaction with your pet and record their activities.

Some other notable pet techs are apps for pet playdates, smart leash, pet dating websites and sensor-based microchip pet doors! The list is endless.

Technology is enabling and equipping the pet care industry to serve pets and pet parents better. And pet technology is surely the cherry on top! But do remember that touch, or haptics as it is called, is by far the single most amazing way to interact with your pets. That is because touch is therapeutic and instills trust and an unsaid bond that no amount of technology can replace.

Edited by Anju Narayanan

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