‘India’s economic growth over the next decade will create hundreds of unicorns’ – 25 quotes on the India business opportunity

From scale to success, witness the business trends in India through these quotes, excerpts, and stories.

‘India’s economic growth over the next decade will create hundreds of unicorns’ – 25 quotes on the India business opportunity

Thursday June 30, 2022,

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MSME day is our way of encouraging and respecting these businesses, which are powering India's progress and growth and benefiting communities around them in the process. - Shreerang Godbole, OYO

What many people don’t know is how an age-old profession like hawking and vending becomes illegal in India. The reason is that many hawkers are not registered with the government. - Gaurav Rana, Yatrikart

In India, less than 50 percent of credit eligible population is able to prove its creditworthiness and access credit. - Anant Deshpande, FinBox

The current grievance redressal mechanism is far from being complied with by the platforms that should. - Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar

There are 4,36,000 SHGs consisting of 46 lakh members in the state. - Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Government of Telangana


As infrastructure improves in the long term, the scale and diversity of the population will lend itself to a wide range of platforms. – PwC

The challenges and possibilities of our country demand that we work together as one, cutting across all divides of wealth, region, religion, caste, and more. - Azim Premji, Azim Premji Foundation

These days, children speak English, French, Korean, and probably some other language, but are rarely interested in learning the vernacular dialects. – Mercy Tetseo

Men are becoming more and more conscious about buying personal grooming products and the demand is increasing. - Ravina Jain, The Skin Story

Until elective surgeries come out of the grip of large hospitals, one cannot reduce their costs. - Bidhan Chowdhury, TaCa Healthcare

We see similar problems in other emerging markets and this is where we see our opportunities. - Anantharaman Pattabhiraman, inai


The right product-market fit in the first- and last-mile deliveries do not exist, hampering the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles. - Maxson Lewis, Magenta EV Solutions

Despite posting good growth, the Indian logistics market continues to face certain challenges due to the lack of technology integration. - Sameer Brij Verma, Nexus Venture Partners

As demand for electric vehicles takes off in India, the time is right for enhancing our manufacturing capacity and contributing to the growth of the EV segment. - Shiva Kumar H M, Mecwin India


The Indian agricultural market’s fragmented structure separates farmers from end-markets through multiple intermediaries. - Amit Chandra, 57 Stars LLC

Artisan cheese as a category is not really understood but it is changing slowly. Earlier, cheese was generally perceived as plain and boring, and more as an accessory. - Namrata Sundaresan, Käse Cheese

The world of ayurveda and yoga come together in several ways, and this synergy has been written about by experts for a long time. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

The lack of awareness regarding waste management and the role of safai mitras leads to people stereotyping and discrimination. - Viiveck Verma, Recykal Foundation


Even today, the difficulties faced by women for taking a lead while at work are not hidden from anyone. - Vasundhara Raje

Girls are disproportionately impacted by the home environment in India. They are often required to work, help their mothers at home, take care of younger siblings, and go out with their mothers to help them on the farms. - Amit Singhal, Sitare Foundation

Women in India are frequently confronted with the harsh reality of their households’ poor economic conditions, with the constant struggle to rise above poverty among other patriarchal norms set by the society. - Neharika Vohra, DSEU

Right now, the LGBT+ inclusion conversation is still very limited to the organised sector, largely foreign-based MNCs and then some Indian companies. - Ramkrishna Sinha, Pride Circle

In the last few years, many small LGBTQIA+ collectives have come up in small cities across the country. Younger people are taking the lead now. - Sadam Hanjabam, Ya_All

It’s hard for queer teens to break the social conditioning as the lives of teens in some parts of the country are already decided by their elders or the society, which doesn’t give them the right to be themselves. - Yagya Chopra


Startups can have a powerful positive impact on society at large—from creating jobs, providing purpose, creating wealth, to improving the GDP. - Ashish Bhatia, India Accelerator

There is a large opportunity set in the re-commerce space. - Amit Gupta, NewQuest Capital Partners

India’s economic growth over the next decade will create hundreds of unicorns. - Abhay Aggarwal, Piper Serica

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