‘A lot of work in India needs to be done for art to be appreciated’–Wendy Amanda Coutinho, curator

In our second photo-essay on the ‘0832’ exhibition at the Museum of Goa, we feature more outstanding artworks along with curator insights on art trends and appreciation.

‘A lot of work in India needs to be done for art to be appreciated’–Wendy Amanda Coutinho, curator

Saturday December 31, 2022,

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The Museum of Goa recently hosted a month-long exhibition titled 0832, celebrating the creative spirit of the Goan diaspora (see Part I of our coverage here). The museum also hosted the children’s art exhibition, A World Of My Own.

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In this photo essay, we feature highlights from these exhibitions as well as other displayed works in the museum and its garden area. See our earlier coverage of the Goa Affordable Art Festival here, and photo essays on the 2022 and 2019 editions of the Serendipity Arts Festival.

“Goa has immense potential that needs to be harnessed wherein art is concerned. These trends need to be shaped further for artists and the art scene to collectively reach their true potential,” exhibition curator Wendy Amanda Coutinho explains, in a chat with YourStory.

“We also need to perpetuate more events around art at schools, colleges, galleries, and open spaces. It needs to become a part of our daily lives,” she adds. She hopes for more representation of Goan artists, thanks to a growing number of art initiatives in Goa.

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The correlation between Goan migration movements and identity formation is integral to the 0832 exhibition. Goan migration waves began with Bombay, followed by Poona and Calcutta. They then spread to Karachi, East Africa, Burma, the Gulf nations, Canada, and the UK. Their creativity is reflected in a number of cultural spheres.

“A lot of work in India needs to be done for art to be appreciated,” Wendy emphasises. For starters, art education needs to be taken up more seriously.

“Apart from education, visits to museums and galleries should be made mandatory for students. If we are able to evoke the ability of art appreciation in children from a young age, it will fuel a likeability amongst generations to come,” she adds.

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The pandemic was a tough time for many art exhibitions, but the art community has bounced back. “The pandemic break helped me chart several ideas that I may now someday fulfil through my curatorial endeavour,” Wendy says.

She had just resigned from Chemould Prescott Road in January 2020 and had a year's break before she went on to work with 1X1 Art Gallery in Dubai in January 2021.

“I consumed a lot of content; I read a lot of academic papers and books. I also remember watching documentaries, movies, and series,” she recalls.

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“Being a part of the art field, it becomes my responsibility to help people access art and build a connection," she adds.

"Through my curatorial endeavours, I hope I am able to bring people closer to art,” Wendy signs off.

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule and find new avenues to apply your creativity?


(All photographs were taken by Madanmohan Rao on location at the museum.)

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