‘Great founders are always on top of their numbers’—15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

From motivation to metrics, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘Great founders are always on top of their numbers’—15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

Tuesday January 17, 2023,

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10 heart-warming stories our readers loved in 2022

We are living at a time when there is progressive change—the extent of human innovation, consumerism and rapid industrialisation has resulted in severe environmental disharmony. - Anil Chowta, Ecosac

The automotive sector has seen a wave of technological upgrades in the last two years with green fuel being the future of the industry. - Shenu Agarwal, Ashok Leyland

Sustainability is the need of the hour and scalability, the need of your business. - Anil Chowta, Ecosac

Complexity of diagnostics has increased considerably and having tools that increase accuracy and throughput really fast has become instrumental for clinicians worldwide. - Aneesh Sathe, Qritive

What we need to do is create enabling workplaces that act as “ambition boosters” by creating the right organisational culture that promotes the aspirations of both men and women. - Bhavna Toor, Shenomics & Shravani Prakash, elleNomics

Age is not a barrier to urgent action or to be the voice of change, and today’s youth are eager to be a part of the solution. - Pamela Srivastava, Shiv Nadar Foundation

What will trigger and strike the creative bug would be easy if context and confidence are in synch at any moment in life. - Alok Nandi, Architempo

Art is something that speaks out loud without any sound. - Manjunatha (‘MANZz’), Chitra Santhe

Top 10 Startup Bharat stories that wrested attention this year

Sales is a key skill, especially for startup founders, as not every startup has the luxury of a strong professional sales team. - Vinay Dora, CrowdProduct

The first principle of scalability or observability is that you have to measure what you have to improve. So be aware of where the cost is going. - Kundan Singh, Shiprocket

To achieve economies of scale, one should not do everything alone. - Sagar Gupta, Ekkaa Electronics

To optimise our cost, we first need to understand our usage, what our need is. - Devesh Mishra, Physics Wallah

Top 7 stories of startups turning around their fortunes

The first question every investor needs to ask is: Is investing something I am good at? If not, can I learn it on my own and excel at it? - Sumit Chanda, Jarvis Invest

Traditionally, startups have had limited avenues for raising capital beyond equity. - Sumeet Mehta, LEAD

Great founders are always on top of their numbers. They focus on the right metrics. - Abhiroop Medhekar, Velocity

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