Job search: Top AI tools to help you land your next job

Leverage the power of AI to maximise your chance of getting hired. Here are top AI tools that will help you find a suitable role.

Job search: Top AI tools to help you land your next job

Friday September 29, 2023,

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Today, high-tech artificial intelligence (AI) tools are gradually automating several tasks. But let's not assume that AI will take over all jobs and view it as a threat. It is perhaps wiser to embrace it and use it to our advantage to improve job search and obtain effective results.

It's possible to leverage the power of AI to maximise your chance of getting hired. Let's look at how AI tools can help you land your next job.

How AI helps in job search

Artificial Intelligence

You can take the help of AI to optimise and tailor your resume, so that your profile gets noticed in the job market and you increase your chance of getting picked.

AI automates the process of job hunting by filtering various job portals and finding the best-suited job openings and recommendations. There are also tools that help with interview preparation by collating job-specific interview questions.

Upskilling is an essential part of the process, and AI tools can help you out in this. They can analyse your existing skills, identify knowledge gaps, and provide resources and online course recommendations for a competitive edge.

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AI tools for job search


JobScan analyses your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter and determines whether they are suitable for a particular role or not. Based on the evaluation, the AI-powered tool provides effective recommendations to optimise your overall job profile.

JobScan has a free plan available but the number of scans per account is limited at the moment.


Resumes are the most crucial document when it comes to getting hired. However, summarising your experiences and skills in bullet points is not an easy task. Here's where Kickresume comes in. It is an AI tool based on OpenAI's GPT-3 NLP model that helps you build an impactful resume by writing compelling descriptions.

You can choose the most relevant points that match your skills. The tool also allows you to customise your resume with a wide range of design templates and fonts.


Prepper is an AI coach created by Adzuna, a UK-based firm that serves as a search engine for job advertisements.

Prepper assists job applicants in preparing for upcoming interviews. All you have to do is submit the job description of the role you are applying for and get relevant interview questions. You can also type your answers, and will evaluate them and provide feedback.

CareerHub AI

CareerHub AI simplifies the process of job seeking. Like many AI tools, this tool is also based on GPT technology. It analyses your skills, goals and interests to provide tailored career guidance. Based on your qualifications and preferences, it also makes a list of all relevant job openings from various portals.

Additionally, this AI-powered tool gives relevant salary estimations according to current industry standards and writes cover letters and LinkedIn posts. It also assists candidates with interview preparation by giving a list of commonly asked questions and their answers.

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Talentprise is an AI-powered tool that asks for your preferences, education, skills and experience to build a profile. This profile is then used to narrow down job listings so that you can apply to the most relevant ones.


Writing job-specific cover letters is a time-consuming task. CoverDoc can simplify the task for you. This tool creates a personalised and compelling cover letter within minutes.

The bottom line is while AI tools can help you with resumes and profiles, it is important to proofread the output and make appropriate changes before hitting the 'send' button.

Edited by Swetha Kannan