These startups are trying to make parenthood a comfortable, joyful ride

HerStory has compiled a list of startups that are helping parents provide the best for their babies.

These startups are trying to make parenthood a comfortable, joyful ride

Saturday March 11, 2023,

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Parenthood is an incredible experience filled with immense joy and love. But along with it comes responsibilities, especially if one is a new parent. New parents have the challenge of providing the best for their babies—right from bedding and clothing to healthy food and other necessities.

This may sound like a daunting task, but there’s help at hand—from mothers who have walked down the road and are dedicated to making the journey easier for others. These women have birthed startups that are trying to make the experience of parents comfortable and enjoyable.

HerStory has compiled a list of five women-run startups that are helping parents provide the best for their babies.



Radhika Patil, Co-founder and CEO, Cradlewise

When Radhika and her husband Bharath had their first baby in 2014, they discovered that the baby had erratic sleep patterns and was uncomfortable while sleeping. The couple searched for cradles and hammocks that suited their baby’s needs, but all their efforts were in vain.

Then they decided to take things into their own hands and build a cradle that would help their baby sleep safely and comfortably.

The prototype was a basic swing, with an old cotton sari, a few linkages, and a metal rod. Later, they added features such as a motor that could make the cradle swing and music that rocked the baby to sleep. One thing led to another and soon they found themselves supplying battery-operated cradles across India, under the brand name Cradlewise.

Cradlewise’s cradles come equipped with an ergonomic hammock, a night lamp, a baby monitor, safety alerts, sleep analytics, and responsive soothing and calming music.



Shruti Tibrewal, Co-founder, BebeBurp

Shruti Tibrewal, a working mother from Surat, was looking for healthy, organic, easy-to-cook options for her son. Soon she started making homemade mixes, which were an instant hit among her friends.

Taking the idea forward, in 2017, Shruti, her husband Bharat Tibrewal, and her brother Chirag Gupta founded Bebe Burp, based in Surat.

The startup offers a range of organic and healthy food and snacks for babies older than six months—oatmeal mix, khichdi mix, millet mix, barley mix, ragi cookies, and oats and raisin cookies, priced between Rs 109 and Rs 239.

“The products are based on traditional recipes from my grandmothers’ kitchen with a modern twist,” says Tibrewal.

BebeBurp’s products are available on platforms such as Flipkart, FirstCry, Mybabycart, Eazelly and Babiesbloomstore.



Shireen Sultana and Sumedha Khoche, Founders, KinderPass

With many parents opting to work from home, keeping their little ones entertained and engaged while juggling between video conferences and presentations can be challenging. To help such parents, Sumedha Khoche and Shireen Sultana came up with KinderPass, which offers curated content for parents and children.

KinderPass contains over 1,200 bite-sized activities for ages 0-4, screen-free exercises, a library of over 400 articles and videos related to each week of the parenting journey, and activities that parents can do with their children in the comfort of their own homes.

The KinderPass app comes with a growth tracker and milestone assessment feature, which is based on WHO, AAP, HPB, and IAP guidelines. It helps parents keep track of the physical markers of their children, such as height, weight and monthly milestones.

The Baby First Box

The Baby First Box

Deepti Gupta and Garima Aggarwal, Co-founders, The Baby First Box

When Garima Aggarwal was expecting her first child in 2017, her best friend, Deepti Gupta, curated a list of essential items for Aggarwal to pack in her hospital bag. Later, Aggarwal and Gupta shared the same list with their friends and thus found their eureka moment.

The duo soon started their venture The Baby First Box, an e-commerce website founded in 2019 based out of Gurugram. It provides curated hospital bags for mothers and baby hampers compiled based on the baby’s age, needs, and weather conditions.

The Baby First Box offers different kinds of hampers—budget-friendly, pre-curated, and customised ones—in reusable boxes, priced from Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500. The products are available on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho, apart from the company’s own website.

The startup, which is mainly driven by mothers, has employed more than 35 women from the rural areas of Punjab and Haryana.

The Mom Store

The Mom Store

Surbhi Bhatia, Founder and CEO, The Mom Store

Lack of proper maternity workwear and diaper bags led Surbhi Bhatia to launch The Mom Store in 2018.

The Mom Store provides diaper bags with dedicated space for diapers, laptops, and other accessories for working mothers. It also offers maternity wear, including tops, leggings, dresses, and gowns, which can work both as casual and event wear. It also provides feeding-friendly maternity lingerie and loungewear and breastfeeding pillows with a support belt.

The brand’s products are priced between Rs 500 and Rs 5000 and are sold across India through the startup’s website.

The Mom Store has over two lakh followers on Instagram.

Edited by Swetha Kannan