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Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps for Office Employees

Entities must provide an instant communication channel for On-the-field- employees and staff working from remote stations with that of the rest of the staff. Instant messaging apps which are accessible at all times and from anywhere will be an ideal solution for this.

Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps for Office Employees

Tuesday May 01, 2018,

4 min Read

Of late, business has many employees who work from outside the confines of a traditional office building on account of various reasons. At times, employees are required to work from client locations or they may be out in the field doing some surveys or simply because they may not be able to commute to office premises for personal reasons. 


Therefore, it has become essential that communication with such employees is maintained in an effective and efficient way. To facilitate such communication with out-of-office employees, organizations need to deploy an instant business messaging app. 

There is an abundance of apps that businesses can choose from. However, deciding upon a single messaging app requires a lot of research and time. Hence, we have brought together a list of Top 5 messaging apps for businesses that can deploy better communication for office employees.

Troop Messenger

It is the latest instant business messaging app that makes communication with out-of-office as well as in-house staff with equal ease by offering a seamless synchronization between mobile and desktop devices. Besides the basic features such as group chats and file sharing, it also offers an advanced feature called activity monitor, which enables managers to monitor the contribution of each employee. It also offers a humongous 1 TB of data storage, a preview of documents, and search filters. Moreover, it offers a feature wherein a user can view group message details even when they have not posted a message. And all these come without any subscription fee.


Slack is one of the many popular instant messaging apps that offer features such as conference calls and group chats. It has a searchable archive just like Troop Messenger. It also makes possible integrations with other apps such as Google Drive and Zendesk. It has a unique Slackbot, which is a great way of integrating an FAQ section in an app. Additionally, companies that need features such as SSO, compliance exports, and guaranteed uptime need to opt for a paid subscription.


Formerly known as Teambox, Redbooth is marketed as a project management tool and offers basic messaging features such as file sharing and one-to-one chats. It has a feature where a user can assign and delegate tasks to their colleagues, which comes in really handy for out-of-office employees. A paid subscription of the app offers advanced features such as HD meetings with zoom, 50 GB of file storage space, and integration with cloud storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive for business.

Skype for Business

Formerly known as Microsoft Lync, this app offers a wide range of features such as group chats, file sharing, and screen sharing, but like all other Microsoft products, it is not free. A premium subscription lets you make use of advanced features such as group HD video and audio calling for up to 250 participants and enterprise-level technical phone support.


A product from networking giant Cisco, this app offers features such as group chats, private chats, and conference calls along with a whiteboard app and companion device. It has a premium subscription plan that offers Cisco call tools, admin controls, unlimited integrations with other apps, directory integration, and live support.

Conclusion :

Deployment of any one of the apps by organizations will certainly boost the collaboration between out-of-office employees as well as in-house staff. All a company needs to do is understand which app best suits their requirement. However, we’d recommend Troop Messenger because it is a one-stop-shop that encompasses all good features of many other popular instant messaging apps. With Troop Messenger, organizations don’t need a separate app for project management and another one for online meetings. Troop Messenger is capable enough to cater to all such needs.