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Why WhatsApp marketing strategy is the next big thing in 2017 & beyond

The recent emergence of new WhatsApp marketing strategies

Why WhatsApp marketing strategy is the next big thing in 2017 & beyond

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

5 min Read

Almost the starting of this year, I was consulting a client for a lead generation project I was working on for a big entertainment company who wanted to reach more people for their campaigns.

Why WhatsApp Marketing Strategy Is The Next Big Thing in 2017 & Beyond

Why WhatsApp Marketing Strategy Is The Next Big Thing in 2017 & Beyond

The chief marketing head asked me, "Have you ever tried WhatsApp marketing?". I smiled, and thought that this was a brilliant strategy, but NO, I didn't think about using WhatsApp as a marketing channel for their company.

Since, then. I have explored most of the WhatsApp Marketing Software & mostly all kinds of WhatsApp marketing service providers. And after getting hands on experience with majority of the tools, scripts, platforms, and solutions available on the web. I wanted to share with you some powerful techniques & strategy that has not only helped me reach my target audience, but also helped my clients make a lot of profits, bring more leads, and engage with their prospects, customers & clients in much more effective manner.

1. Use WhatsApp As A Feedback Tool - Even though most people will feel like using WhatsApp as a marketing tool, but their are many advantages to your business if you start engaging with your clients using WhatsApp as channel to collect feedback, take surveys, and engage with them to find out their response for using your products & services. This not only gives you the chance to engage with the end user on one to one conversation, but it also opens up a lot of opportunity to generate referrals, increase the user life cycle, increase the frequency of your clients transactions. We tested this with a client based in Delhi operating a chain of nightclubs, who was successfully not only collecting feedback to improve his quality of services, but also generate ideas to expand his business, and also call people for their special events, and off days discount offers which resulted in far more business then directly running marketing message campaigns.

2. Use WhatsApp As a Lead Generation Tool - Now comes, the main focus that everyone these days is trying to achieve with WhatsApp. Using it as a Lead Generation system, well coming to think of the benefits of WhatsApp vs all other mediums available via web & other social media platforms such as Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, and rest combined. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most effective medium with the highest response rate in terms of the opens you get with focus & attention from all your people in your list. The reason is because other mediums are charging you advertising fees, and then you have to gain followers, likes, and fans in order to retarget them. But, in the case of WhatsApp you simply need your prospects, and target customers & clients mobile number. And check whether they exists on WhatsApp or not to start engaging & building relationship over the long term in a more lucid way.

3. Use WhatsApp As a Promotional Tool - This comes as obvious to many people. WhatsApp can be utilize to run your promotional offers, with special discounts, period event promotions, one time offers, reactivation offers, and also offers that can help promote the off days and seasons depending on the nature of your products or services that you wish to promote using WhatsApp as a marketing medium.

4. Use WhatsApp As A Customer Support Tool - Using WhatsApp Web feature you can assign your support team to manage your chat conversations with your clients to provide them with instant support using it's multiple message format such as Text, Image, Video, GPS Location, and now even PDF & any other kind of files that can be shared with your clients using it's mobile app. This can not only provide instant engagement & quick response to your prospects & clients. But, also help you solve your customer support issues much more faster & in responsive way. That's because people have started to prefer WhatsApp in their daily communication with their friends, family & even business contacts.

5. Use WhatsApp As A Community & Networking Tool - I am sure you might already be part of your family group, your school alumni group, or may be your friends social group using WhatsApp's group feature. And whether that's sharing beautiful memories & your travel trips in groups. Or you mind find people in your industry engaging view group conversations to keep up with recent changes, news & updates in your industry. You can start engaging your industry contacts and build a brand of networking by simply combining all the people in your industry and engaging in meaningful communication via WhatsApp groups.

It's growing bigger & bigger as a marketing avenue for marketers.

You see WhatsApp is becoming one of the fastest growing mobile & web marketing strategy for many businesses across the globe. And if you wish to join the band wagon, it's not that competitive right now, and nor that difficult in comparison to other tools that are available to promote your product or service or heck even a new startup that you are trying to nurture as a long term big brand. If you wish to know more ideas and information then be sure to read my previous article which I wrote discussing some of the most well known tools to get into this marketing arsenal.