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What information goes on a letterhead?

Friday April 28, 2017,

3 min Read

In the times of fierce competition, everything counts, be it company’s marketing strategy, product quality, advertisements or its stationery. For an effective communication between a company and important people like clients, government bodies and employees, letterheads play an important role. One can say that, a letterhead is not a just piece of paper, but the image of the company. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to get the letterhead printed in a unique design and in a professional manner.

With the advent of technology, things have become far easier than what they were before. Nowadays, you can get the letterheads printed online at your own convenience. All you have to do is select from a wide variety of templates from the websites that print stationery. You can even get customized letterhead for your company. One should keep in mind the following things when designing a letterhead:

1. Design: It’s always better to have a simple layout without too many elements because too many elements will only add confusion and the reader will be deviated from the actual purpose of the letterhead. The placement of company’s logo also play a crucial role, it should be placed in such a way that it is visible from a distance as well.

2. Colour scheme: The colours used in a letterhead should be of the same family as of the logo of the company otherwise the letterhead will look out of place. It should represent the company’s vision and image.

3. Font: There are thousands of fonts available these days but you should stick with the one that matches the brand image of your company and its logo. Moreover, readability is another important factor, so, the font size should neither be too small nor too big.

4. Select the right paper: Not only printing is important but the types of paper on which online personalized letter heads are being printed. What will be the use of printing if the paper is too thin or the colours bleed on the paper? The most popular choice for online letterhead printing is alabaster, textured and recycled paper.

5. Always use hierarchy in the design: What is your topmost priority while thinking of a letterhead design? It is always the company’s name or the logo. Then comes, the individual who is sending out that and on third number, it is the address and the contact details. Therefore, a letterhead should be designed in such a way that the person reading it sees them in a sequential order.

6. Choose the precise details: As it has been mentioned earlier, a letterhead should be simple, therefore, only the information that is necessary should be mentioned.

7. Printing method: There are various kinds of printing machines available in the market like offset, digital, flexography. The results also vary, so one needs to choose wisely. For online letterhead printing, offset printing method is the most popular choice.

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