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7+ Qualities of a Successful Mobile App

7+ Qualities of a Successful Mobile App

Wednesday May 20, 2020,

7 min Read

There are thousands of mobile apps out there in the marketplace today and the competition is becoming stiff. This is the time where if your business doesn’t offer a mobile app in addition to a mobile-friendly website then it becomes difficult to engage users.

According to the estimate done by SeamGen, the average US adult spends 3 ½ hours on a mobile device every day. So, this is evidence that one can drive business value with a mobile application. Moreover, without a strong mobile presence, it becomes difficult to stand in the current mobile app market. It’s observed that the market is exploding and if you’re looking to get success then you need to find a way to break through the noise whether you have smaller or bigger goals.

How exactly can you do or how you can start? Any successful app starts with an idea, followed by execution, application, website, services, or product. You simply need to do solid research and create apps that better suit your increasing competitive environment.


  • Any successful business model comes with a good idea, plan, attitude and a team.
  • The mobile app should be unique, easy-to-use, platform appropriate, engaging, affordable, and should grab the user’s attention.

8 Winning Qualities of a Successful Mobile App

Taking about global mobile app revenue than in 2018, it was over 365 billion US dollars and is estimated to generate 935 billion US dollars in 2023 via paid downloads and in-app advertising. This is the world-wide mobile app revenue from 2014 - 2023 stats by Statista.


Several mobile apps are noticed and generating revenue, but there are hundreds of apps failing every day due to certain reasons. It’s not always the great idea that succeeds but ultimately it’s final implementation. Let’s dive in to understand the Qualities of a Successful Mobile Apps and how a great application can beat the competition.

The idea – Idea that solves a problem

Let’s start with an example: Before iPhone, do you think there was a need to have one? No, you don’t, isn’t it? Apple created a need for you and people are lined up for new versions of the device now. So, this can be your best idea to create a need for your app. It can be a game app, entertainment app or any random sort of app such as a health app, currency exchange app which is doing well in this market.

You need to develop an app idea where people can get information on the go otherwise they’ll move to another mobile app.

Encourage User Engagement

The majority of the downloaded apps are used just once and eventually deleted. So to avoid such kinds of pitfalls, the developer needs to add features such as embedding social media, gamifying experience, and other such points to unlock various achievements for remaining engaged.

We can’t call any application successful until it gets continuous user engagement. The onboarding process of any mobile app should create a positive first impression that encourages future engagement. If your application has a complex onboarding process it will increase the mobile abandonment rate. Implement an incentive-based system that offers users rewards on their every visit to your app.

Or else, using Push Notification can help to drive user engagement and to re-engage active users to complete their unfinished task. One can improve the overall user experience that leads to increased engagement as users.

Great UI (User Interface) - Get the Right UI

The first impression always lasts as people mostly judge books by covers and apps works in the same manner. Make sure the mobile app you develop has a great impression on the user and has a great UI. If your app doesn’t look or perform well then the user won’t bother to stay with your mobile app. The successful apps mostly focus on the primary task of the app, elevate the relevant content and give users the best possible path to follow easy navigation.

Besides this, take care of branding and packing of the application as it should be unique and can be easily understandable to the user. The design, look-and-feel and user interface should differentiate from another mobile app.

Following the Platform Design Guidelines

The mobile app that you create should be platform appropriate where Google play and Apple App Store both explicit design guidelines for app developers and designers to follow. One needs to cater to the design of the app to a specific device type with ensuring that user experience is seamless.

Before choosing the platform make sure it targets the current market trends and focus on designing a specific platform that gains a large audience.

Make use of Familiar Screens

Don’t make your so unique that no one could understand the logic behind this. Use familiar screens can bring users to your mobile app. Also, using the gesture like ‘what’s new’ can help you to improve the usability of your app. Avoid the learning curve that associate with a new app where employing screen users are already comfortable with. When you’re operating across platforms the user experience needs to modify its features for all different devices.

Frictionless Navigation Feature

Offer users a simple and intuitive navigation feature if your app contains a high volume of content. Your app should waste the time of users and they can access data easily in one search. Develop a simple search with simplifying the user experience and navigate your app through a natural and obvious manner.

Talking about a responsive app, then keep the speed on top priority as 50% of users think to load a single page in less than a second. Slow speed app will degrade the user experience and they will delete the apps as soon as they find out low response time. The users are expecting fast results wherever and whenever they need to access that app.

App should have excellent reviews

People generally look at reviews before purchasing online. There are lots of apps that have tons of great reviews that help to assist potential buyers and attract them to purchase your application. If you find users searching for reviews that mean the user is close to the purchase. On the other hand, negative reviews will give a bad impression on users as few peers would be unhappy with your service, so do respond to each with the best you can offer them.

Do it right from start to finish where buyers won’t be unhappy with negative reviews. Simply keep in mind the success of your app builds on itself.

Leverage the Network Effect

Advertising and marketing can be the key to your app success. Even a great idea won’t help your app get successful until you have enough downloads or unique users to build critical mass. For this, you need to maintain high user feedback to encourage new users to sign up.  

Ending Thoughts

We find that the mobile app marketplace is cluttered with the competition but that doesn’t mean your application won’t be able to stand out from the crowd. If your mobile app has all the above pointers in them then no one can stop your app from exploding. Give your app new opportunities and help it to grow in this current market. You can hire a dedicated mobile app Development Company which can help you drive more value for your business and your users.