'Startups are the truest passion projects' – 60 quotes from Indian startup journeys

'Startups are the truest passion projects' – 60 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Tuesday February 20, 2018,

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From passion to purpose, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 60 gems and insights from the week of February 12-18 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Start small. Set tiny, realistic goals. That is the sign of a top performer. - Zubin Ajmera, Progress and Win

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey; hence, always be on the lookout for someone who can mentor you. - Rashi Sanghvi, Gardner Street

The corporate world realises that collaborating with startups will actually create the kind of differentiation they need. - Subinder Khurana, NASSCOM

There was a time when disrupting the status quo was the way to become a market leader. Now it’s simply a way of surviving. - Anthony Bartolo, Tata Communications

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. – Coco Chanel

If you truly feel the power of art, give everything to it. - Renu George, Gallery Time and Space

Every artist has a unique style and trying to compete with others is a losing battle. - Lalitha Raj

Blockchain eases pressure on the wallets of businesses operating in the healthcare domain. - Ashissh Raichura, Scanbo

Banking and Blockchain are natural bedfellows. - Karan Bharadwaj, XinFin

Everybody wants Bitcoin but nobody knows what to do with it. - Priyank Kharge, Minister of Information Technology, Karnataka

A decade ago pulling data and organising it for meaningful outcomes took years. Now, it takes less than a day to crunch voluminous data. - Bob Lord, IBM

Location is no longer a point, it is a moving line. - Kashyap Deorah, HyperTrack

Startups must remember to focus on core technology instead of focusing on data gathering. - M R Srinivasaprasad, Philips Innovation Centre

The use of data that goes beyond tax returns, bank statements, and credit bureaus enhances the ability of Indian citizens and businesses outside the formal banking system to access credit. - Sonal Jain, Indifi Technologies

With cities getting smarter, the demands on the infrastructure are increasing and technology is key to keep up the pace. - Shalini Kapoor, IBM

A mobile-only mindset, an instinct for ubiquitous computing and a demand for localised content are three key things that are driving next billion users to connect to the Internet. - Caesar Sengupta, Google

Technology plays pivotal role in managing a huge base of subscribers. - Harsh Vardhan, Voko

Cloud telephony has made it easier for SMEs and enterprises to set up their contact centre operations. - Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Ozonetel

IoT services are central to the rise in IoT devices. - Denise Rueb, Gartner

The future of field workforce management is IOT-enabled connected devices and smart homes. - Anand Balaji, Zuper

If big data can be put to cutting-edge use for our corporations and clients, it can very well be a catalyst for the economy and the country. - Keshav Murugesh, WNS Global Services Group

There will be a natural progression for new consumers to embrace digital. The challenge for all will be to increase share of pre-paid model than cash-on-delivery. - Sanjay Sethi, ShopClues

AI is rapidly transforming the way we identify and hire talent and is headlong on the path towards becoming your career companion. - Raj Mukherjee, Indeed

The ultimate role of AI in marketing is to add value and purpose to both brands and customers. - Satyakam Mohanty, Lymbyc

Increasingly, businesses will be judged on their commitment to what we call Applied Intelligence. - Mark Knickrehm, Accenture Strategy

Most calamitous warnings of job losses confuse AI with automation — that overshadows the greatest AI benefit — AI augmentation. - Svetlana Sicular, Gartner

Business is all about how you can use your data. - Mahesh Lingareddy, Smartron

Scalable and accessible financial services platforms, incorporating big data analytics and machine learning, will be critical to any lending business. - Gan Chee Yen, Fullerton Financial Holdings

Digital lending firms have made it possible to provide hassle-free loans to SMEs. - Rajesh Gupta, Cash Suvidha

Such a large market and such low levels of ecommerce penetration means there is huge room for growth. - K. Ganesh, Growth Story

India has many dislocated markets that can be fertile ground for startups. - Rajeev Ahuja, RBL Bank

Can you bring the cost of delivery down so low that the economics actually become super viable? Today with better technology it is easier to bring the cost of delivery lower with a sizeable business. - Bhavik Rathod, uberEats India

Mobile or digital payments can replace cash only when these payment methods are as intuitive or frictionless as paying by cash. - Vivek Kumar Singh, ToneTag

A lot of startups had suggested that they were moving away from offers and discounts. However, social media tells a different story. - Siddharth Dwivedi, Vaizle

O2O is the way to go for a country like India, where there is a great variation in preferences. - Amit Sinha, Paytm Mall

The offices of tomorrow will invest in cutting-edge technology to provide more efficient working techniques. - Ishan Thacker, Vector Projects

It’s amazing how someone’s IQ seems to double as soon as you give them responsibility and indicate that you trust them. - Tim Ferriss, ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’

No product is created perfect. It is always an evolution. - Amit Dabas, Daaki

The potential for beauty services, drivers on demand, and cleaning among others is immense. - Snehanshu Gandhi, Tapp Me

In China, local brands become national ones. We believe that the same will happen in India. - Ananya Tripathi, Myntra

With cinema becoming expensive right now, people are looking at alternate forms of entertainment. - Nandhitha Hariharan, Let's Talk Life

Mental illness continues to be one of the most misunderstood and hidden epidemics of our generation. - Matt Berriman, Unlockd

You can’t be a global company without understanding the dynamics of every market and every city. - Didier Hilhorst, Uber

The media is in crisis. Google and Facebook are taking the vast majority of ad revenue. - Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed

We vigorously trust in sleek user interfaces, and rarely ask what lies beneath. - Philipp Kristian, 'The Trust Economy’

Competition is good, but all parties must be equally regulated. - Deepak Abbot, Paytm

Gaming is big business. But scaling up in India is big challenge. - V Ganapathy, Axilor

Brand spends on mobile gaming are very low compared to TV. But the opportunity is huge. Gaming can drive captive communities in the future. - Rajan Navani, Jetline India

We believe that it is possible to ensure good health, a clean home, and a healthy pet without the use of harmful chemicals. - John Thomas, Herbal Strategi

Healthy soils equal healthy humans. - Mudhu Reddy

Without humans, the forest will flourish. Without forests, we humans cannot flourish. - K M Chinnappa, Wildlife Conservation Education Project

The problem of e-waste is only going to grow exponentially. It’s important to engage with the issue because the problem cannot be solved without behavioural shift on how we treat e-waste. - Pranshu Singhal, Karo Sambhav

Food is not just about taste, it’s a whole sensual treat for all your senses. - Sunaeyaa Kapoor

We are now going back from processed foods back to our roots. - Neeti Sarin, Tiffin’s Etc

While food is one way to get to know a place, it also brings to the fore many lesser-known stories. - Simi Matthew, Oota Walks

Thanks to migration, there’s an opportunity for every regional product to reach big cities. - Purba Kalita, SaleBhai

With increasingly nuclear families, working spouses and people moving across cities, the vertical flow of parenting knowledge from generation to generation was replaced by a horizontal flow of knowledge among mothers. - Vishal Gupta, Momspresso

While sympathy is present in spades in our society, empathy is in short supply. - Saaket and Salil Jajodia, Donate My Time

The key is to keep doing good deeds for they keep you happy and continue the circle of giving and receiving. - G Prabhakar Bellisara, Padmashree orphanage

The companies who support the rule of law and operate with decency and fair play around the globe will always succeed in the long term. - Timothy Erblich, Ethisphere

The state of the country and the ordinary people needs to be researched, contextualised, and communicated for a democracy to be able to correct its course constantly. - Kota Neelima, ‘Shoes of The Dead’

If your intuition says you can do it, just go ahead with it. - Nagashree Gururaj, PCYS

Startups are the truest passion projects. - Vinay Kanchan, ‘The Madness Starts at 9’