World Photography Day: meet the winners of World Press Photo 2019

The 62nd edition of this annual photojournalism competition showcases stunning images from around the world, spanning everything from human conflict to triumph.

World Photography Day: meet the winners of World Press Photo 2019

Monday August 19, 2019,

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In August, Scotland’s capital Edinburgh hosts one of the world’s largest creative celebrations, the Fringe Festival – with everything from comedy and art to music and literature. The Scottish Parliament also exhibits the winners of the annual World Press Photo competition.


Starting from 1955, World Press Photo (WPP) has recognised and honoured the best work of photojournalists around the planet. The winners this year were chosen by an independent jury that reviewed more than 78,801 photographs entered by 4,738 photographers from 129 countries.

On the occasion of World Photography Day 2019, this photo essay showcases some of the finalists at the 62nd WPP contest. See also YourStory’s compilation of 200 inspiring quotes on the art, mission, and impact of photography.

The featured photographers this year include Marco Gualazzini, Brent Stirton, Terrell Groggins, Brendan Smialowski, Olivia Harris, John Moore, Chris McGrath, Marco Gualazzini, Diana Markosian, Philip Montgomery, Wally Skalij, Mário Cruz, Nadia Shira Cohen, Daniele Volpe, Jasper Doest, Angel Fitor, Finbarr O'Reilly, Bénédicte Kurzen, Sanne de Wilde, Bénédicte Kurzen, Luisa Dörr, and Pedro Pardo.

The powerful images evoke sadness, amusement and inspiration, covering categories such as the environment, sport, nature, portrait, and general news. The exhibition travels to over 100 locations around the world each year, showcasing “the stories that matter.”

The haunting images capture the hardships of immigration, civil war, drug abuse, urban waste, human rights violations, natural calamities, and cruelty to animals. But there are also uplifting images of hope, triumph, celebration and victory (see full list along with descriptions and photographer profiles here).

Smartphones have now made everyone a photographer and filmmaker, and with the joy of having a camera comes the responsibility of purpose and integrity. Photographs and exhibitions have been effective in mobilising movements around the world, and awaken us to the power of photos through new technologies, tools and platforms.

Click back to our PhotoSparks section for over 375 photo essays celebrating creativity, entrepreneurship, art and innovation. On the occasion of World Photography Day 2019, YourStory salutes the photojournalists from around the world who have laid their lives on the line in the cause of making our world a better place.


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