‘Not facing challenges will never make you a good entrepreneur’ – 30 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From setbacks to success, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

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Set your goals and go beyond them every day. Make today better than yesterday. - Neelima Burra, Ganymede Business Ventures

Ultimately, you have to be able to build into a larger market. - Sheel Mohnot, Better Tomorrow Ventures

Try to leave a little mark, not because of the word ‘legacy’, but because this world needs help. - Douglas Leone, Sequoia Capital

Analytics can not only help provide recommendations or actions based on actionable insights but also forecast the impact of any such actions. - Mihir Kittur, Ugam

Staying afloat amidst the stiff competition isn’t easy. - Jenny Chowdhary, Chokhahaar

The challenge is that no matter how big you get, there’s always a risk. It is really an ultra-marathon where you need to keep moving and listen to your customers all along the way. - Ishaan Sachdeva, Alberto Torresi

Intrinsic motivation is all about doing something purely because it feels good and is deeply meaningful. In other words, the activity is its own reward. - Manoj Agarwal, Giftxoxo

We need to tap into ourselves. If you are not evolving as a person, it is difficult to evolve as an artist. - Kunal Kapoor

Art means to be able to convey our experiences as well as our fantasies. - Jayashree Chakravarty

Sometimes you’ll laugh; sometimes you’ll cry; life never tells us the when’s or why’s. - Whitney Houston

Today, we see a lot of Indian consumers are willing to try a good Indian product – the same goes for a good inherently Indian gin. - Sakshi Saigal, Stranger & Sons

Currently, the Indian TV industry imports most of the raw materials and has a value addition of only 10-12 percent. - Singh Marwah, Super Plastronics

The current challenges faced by India and the world bring new opportunities for entrepreneurs. - Darshan Doshi, FLAME CEI

Allowing majors and minors from different streams allows for a more well-rounded education. Besides, bringing in a standardised single entrance will be a great leveller. - Sarah Kurien, education counsellor

The beauty industry is recession-proof. - Deepica Mutyala, Live Tinted

India should step up and position Ayurveda in a way that it is delivered on the global platform. - Onkar Rajiv Bilgi, We R Wellness

One can focus on preventive wellbeing by connecting with a nutritionist. Even if certain diabetic conditions are genetic, maintaining a healthy diet can delay the onset. - Avni Kaul, Nutri Activania

Think about what a diet would involve in terms of application. Remember that no one size fits all. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

There is still a mindset that if there is a female who is talking about business, she will not talk in terms of numbers or growth. - Himani Mishra, Brand Radiator

As a woman entrepreneur, it’s always a challenge, especially working in a male-dominated industry and dealing with workers at various levels. - Preeta Dutta, Miradorlife

Not facing challenges will never make you a good entrepreneur. - Sanjana Patel, La Folie

Good ideas with great execution are how you make magic. - Larry Page, Google

It is absolutely possible to be inspired by the journeys of the milkman, the paper-wallah, or neighbourhood grocery store owner. - Madan Padaki, 1BRIDGE

The higher the LTV (Life Time Value), the more the business can spend to acquire the customer. - Shripati Acharya, Prime Venture Partners

Your company brand is the best springboard you can build for your business. - Atul Hegde, Rainmaker Ventures

The lesson in this is that no matter what you do, you have to listen to customers carefully to understand why they are using your service. - Eric Yuan, Zoom

Don’t build for problems where nobody is willing to pay for the solution. You need to have some visibility to monetisation. - Shanti Mohan, LetsVenture

Angels are mostly okay with a notional reference to a model. But for an institutional round, the model needs to be crystal clear. You need to have a business plan. - Sriram Kannan, Routematic

Lending to startups is a very specialised activity as there are usually collateral-free loans to high growth businesses. - Viswanatha Prasad, Caspian Debt

If implemented correctly, passive income can certainly provide that extra stability that one may be looking to achieve. - Arpit Arora, AskTheWiseGuy

Never let your dreams die. If you have a vision, make it happen no matter how many attempts it takes. - Bhavna Juneja, MPowered

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(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)


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