‘Employment and upskilling are the most pressing issues of any country’ – 45 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From digital change to Digital India, these quotes from the week of September 27 – October 3 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

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Data pipelines are like modern supply chains for digital information. When they break, business grinds to a halt. - Ashwin Rajeeva, Acceldata

Big Data provides the much-needed analytics highlighting the inequalities in the access to quality education across different segments of society so that appropriate measures can be implemented to make the Right to Education a reality. - Ilangovel Thulasimani, Practically

The 5G rollout will in turn fuel the need for robust backhaul as the number of cell sites go up by nearly 5 times. - Rajnish Kapur, IAN Fund

Blockchain is the technology meant for the people and not for selective corporations. It gives the power back to the people and that’s the purest form of democracy we all debate about. - Vikram R Singh, Antier Solutions

NFTs are gaining massive adoption from both retail users as well as institutions, but the collectors face liquidity challenges, often forcing them to sell off their prized assets. - Varun Satyam, Strip Finance

Because the security threats are continuously evolving, the implementation cycles need to be extremely fast enough so that you can address the new cyber threats. - Anirban Mandal, NASSCOM

The long term and safe nature of housing finance assets create a large opportunity for new-age technology companies for building interesting fintech models. - Aparajit Bhandarkar, Varanium Capital

The low-income segment; they get daily or weekly wages. They buy small amounts — multiple times. It is one of the reasons why the one-rupee shampoo sachet works so well. - Vidit Aatrey, Meesho

Anything slightly expensive, something that causes you a little bit of pause when you look at the ticket price, is a perfect category for Buy Now Pay Later products. - Lizzie Chapman, ZestMoney

The future looks promising for both online and offline retail of fashion jewellery. There are plenty of opportunities as fashion trends are changing at a rapid pace. - Yogesh Rawat, Mirana by Megha

Proper training is the biggest challenge for robot-assisted surgeries. - Sudhir P Srivastava, SS Innovations

There might be some consolidation in future, but the nature of the [fantasy sports] business is such that multiple players will continue to exist in the market. - Amit Purohit, Fantasy Akhada

A lot of gaming ideas/teams do not get requisite support in form of capital, guidance or strategic help from the ecosystem. - Paavan Nanda, WinZO Games

Considered a male bastion for long, women have now discovered the exciting and analytical world of virtual gaming too. - Ankita Ashara, PlayerzPot Media

Audio is a powerful tool that allows you to learn and participate while multi-tasking. - Ankur Inflection Point Ventures

The auto segment is just an example of what can be done with voice technology across segments. - Tapan Barman, Mihup

The success of apps like TikTok proved that short-form, engaging content is here to stay. - James Lewis, Learnreel

Every medium has its own challenges, but the good thing is that with each medium, you can say something totally different, or you can say it in a way where it’s uniquely personal to you. - Gursimran Khamba

If used correctly, the digital space can be greatly impactful in a positive way. - Nakshatra Sanjai, nooh-gah!

We must evaluate multi-experience (MX), user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX) together as part of Total experience (TX). - Arvinder Pal Singh, Enquero

Digital marketers need not fear being replaced by AI. AI creates new skills to master and new positions to be filled in. - Lavinn Rajpal, Merge Infinity Global

The India B2B markets across intermediaries, financial services, and manufacturers are fast consolidating, driven by technology and access to efficient debt capital. - Asish Mohapatra, OfBusiness

With 10 percent penetration, health insurance is at a very nascent stage in the country, leading to high out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure. - Mayank Khanduja, Elevation Capital

Today, India is one of the fastest growing markets with over 2,100 fintechs operational. - Piyush Goyal, Commerce and Industry Minister

With the newly launched e-Rupi digital payments platform, India has now taken its first step towards having its own digital currency. - Vineet Tyagi, Biz2X

Proactive regulatory reforms are having a game-changing impact on the debt market structure in India. - Gopal Srinivasan, TVS Capital Funds

Facilities like E-KYC, video KYC, the information provided by credit bureaus, Geo-tagging, E-sign, e NACH/ MANDATE etc. has changed the entire dynamics of lending. Sourcing and delivery cost has come down. Customer experience has improved drastically. - Tanya Chadha, Mswipe

The Indian wealth management sector represents a huge structural opportunity. - Shiv Gupta, Sanctum

Personal finance for young users has largely been unaddressed. This is the right time to do it. - Supriya Singh, JAFCO Asia

In India, parents do not talk about money to their children and teens, leaving them to gain their own understanding in college or jobs. - Ankit Shah, IAMIN-World

High onboarding barriers and lack of innovation in savings products have driven 180 million in India to resort to pooling funds illegally in the form of committees, beesi, chitty, and chit funds, and expose themselves to fraud and loss of their hard-earned money. - Manuraj Jain, The Money Club

The ubiquitous nature of computer science has made it a critical skill in the employment landscape. Early access to computer science education will go a long way in providing India's youth with the opportunity to build their best future. - Amit Agarwal, Amazon India

In India, online education has the potential to extend the scope of ‘Right to Education’ to students in the underserved community and capture the ‘Next Half Billion’ income group, representing over half of the country’s student population. - Sugandhi Matta, ABC World Asia

The Indian edtech industry is valued at over $30 billion and the incumbents have significantly transformed the way education is being imparted to students. - Ganesh Agarwal, Prime Securities

In the next 10 years, India is likely to employ 16 million engineers, and currently, about 93 percent of engineering graduates in India are not equipped enough to enter the IT industry. - Karun Tadepalli, byteXL

Blue-collar employment is a huge segment not just in India, but globally. Digitisation is gathering pace as part of Industry 4.0 initiatives. - Sunil Haridas, Pradjna

Indians have entertainment engraved into their DNA and enjoy it across various formats and avenues. - Rajan Navani, JetSynthesys

The diagnostics industry in India is a $10B highly fragmented market with only a few organized players. - Kiran Vasireddy, Kalaari Capital

Surgical care in India is riddled with challenges like price opacity, even pricing shocks, friction in patient experience - just to name a few. - Preet Pal Thakur, Glamyo Health

The electric logistics vision is a $123 billion market in India and we can see multiple unicorns in this space. - Akash Gupta, Zypp Electric

Traditional supply chains in lifestyle categories in India continue to be extremely unorganised and fragmented. - Shraeyansh Thakur, Sequoia India

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is a $6 billion market in India and SEA, and one of the fastest-growing technology areas in the post-COVID-19 world. - Sumit Jain, Sistema Asia Fund

Digitization will play a huge role in creating a differentiated service experience catering to every consumer. - Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, Airtel Business

Partner lifecycle management is an area that is still largely manual, paper-driven and remains a void left by most enterprise applications. - Saras Agarwal, Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund

HR is an area in desperate need of disruption, with many slow, manual processes overwhelming HR departments. - Mark Terbeek, Greycroft

The goal of skill-tech is to develop technology that creates skills in learners so they can accomplish vocational goals like getting a job or promotion. - Ravish Agarwal, Able Jobs

Employment and upskilling are the most pressing issues of any country. - Nirmit Parikh, Apna

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