[Year in Review 2021] Creativity, meaning, impact – 25 inspiring quotes on the beauty and power of art

Drawn from our comprehensive coverage of the creative ecosystem in 2021, we present 25 uplifting quotes from the artistic community.

[Year in Review 2021] Creativity, meaning, impact – 25 inspiring quotes on the beauty and power of art

Saturday December 25, 2021,

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Artists, curators, and gallerists share with us their insights on the importance and impact of art (see last year’s compilation of art quotes here).

The quotes and photos in this compilation are drawn from articles in our weekend PhotoSparks section on art and design, as well as other articles from HerStory, SocialStory, and YourStory Weekender. See also our compilations of quotes on the occasion of World Art Day, World Heritage Day, and World Photography Day.

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Artist - Somya Pathak

Art and creativity

Creativity is for everyone. If you stop creating, you stop evolving. - Archana Patil, Chitra Santhe

Creativity, in any form of art, and the mysterious power of colours can lead us to our deeper self. - Urvashi Thakkar, Chitra Santhe

It is a dream for any artist to mould their creativity in different ways. - Pallavi Ishpuniyani

Once one is connected with art, the connection will last a lifetime. - Nazima VK, Chitra Santhe

People live their lives only to fulfill the rituals of life. Meanwhile, the essence of life itself is never explored or realised at all. - M Ihsan, MayinArt

The more time we spend in pursuits that give us meaning, the more joyful we are, and that joy translates to all aspects of life. - Devika Vinodh, Chitra Santhe


Artist: Archana Patil

Meaning of art

Art is a divine process, almost like meditation. It is like the importance of breath for life. - Kishan Kappari, Chitra Santhe

Art is not just something mystical and mysterious from an artist, but a reflection of phenomena in daily human life. It can be a reflection of the soul, but also of the anxiety that occurs in everyday life. - Meuz Prast, MayinArt

Art is beauty that adorns our life. - Vimla Ramsahaye, Chitra Santhe

Art is an imitation of life – one can be interconnected and yet can stay individualist. - Ruchika KC, Mayinart

Art, design, and culture are aspects that permeate everything around us. Not only are they aesthetically linked to one another, but they are also synergistic and co-dependent. - Sanjana Shah, Tao Art Gallery

We should educate people that art is not just some ‘time pass’ but a talent too. It should not be seen as an activity for someone who has nothing to do in life. - Pooja Jain, Chitra Santhe

Artist -  Sravani Ramachandran

Artist - Sravani Ramachandran

Art is not two-minute Maggi noodle soup. - John Devaraj, Chitra Santhe

Art can be for entertainment or for serious indulgence of the soul. It has a lot of contradictions and no single definition. - Sharmila Aravind, Chitra Santhe

The magic of art cannot be explained or expressed, only experienced. - Neha Bajaj, Dabble

Discover your heART from within and live with your heART. - Thomas Kallarackal, Chitra Santhe

Every object and being around you is art. Every action and reaction is a design, and the functionality and simplicity of life stem from artistry. - Ishana Girish, Chitra Santhe

Artist - M Ihsan

Artist - M Ihsan


Art is a real stress reliever if you fall in love with this beautiful world of colour and canvas. - Barnali Ray, Soulful Strokes

Art opens up a sacred portal where we are connected to physical, mental and spiritual realms all at once. - Romicon Revola, MayinArt

Art makes you a better person. It opens up your mind, and makes you more empathetic towards society. - Shalu Juneja, Uno Lona Academy

Art creates positive energy, uplifts the space where it is displayed, and often becomes the highlight of your house. - Avik Bandyopadhyay, MayinArt

Art brings comfort and happiness in life; it gives meaning to life. - Bhapinlal DK

Artist - Jiji Jayesh

Artist - Jiji Jayesh

Art is meditation, it is a self-realisation like visual diary writing, and an interaction between artist and society. - Kushal Kumar NS, Chitra Santhe

Feel happy and proud to be an artist. It has the power to give you the joy and satisfaction which is most precious in life. - Jagdish Mohanty, Chitra Santhe

All art need not be pretty but it certainly should draw a reaction from the onlooker. It must tell a story. - Kanchan Rathna, Chitra Santhe

Art is not just wall decor. Art has the power to change the world. - Priyanka Murthy, Chitra Santhe

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