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10 Top Bitcoin Alternatives You Should Know About

10 Top Bitcoin Alternatives You Should Know About

Wednesday July 03, 2019,

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The surge of Bitcoin to crest lead to the germination of many other cryptocurrencies. At present, many companies envision blockchain, the cornerstone of bitcoin, as an economy piston that can transform the economy and consequence a crescendo in blockchain projects.

Top Bitcoin Alternatives

From the vast array of cryptocurrencies available today, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one . Most of the time, people opt bitcoin or ethereum as they are the most popular ones. But alike other investments, this investment, particularly this investment in the volatile crypto space demands research, time and patience as more curated and exquisite cryptocurrencies have already headed off in the digital world.

We have come up with some cryptocurrencies that holds unique goals and good chances to soar high in future. Here we go.


Ether is one of all the most popular non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is the name its network. It became the companies all time favorite digital currency within a short span of time

because of its smart contract specifications.


Cofounded by Jed McCaleb, an expert in crypto industry, stellar is an open source, decentralized protocol for cross-border transactions and transfers of any currency ranging from cryptocurrency to fiat currency. The name of Stellar’s currency is “lumens”.


Founded by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang in 2014, NEO is an open-source platform for decentralized apps which aims the creation of smart economy - an economy which ensures easy movement of digital assets, safety of digital identity and seamless work with smart contracts.


DAVX or Davorcoin X is a digital coin based on Ethereum blockchain which was created with the primary aim to become a cost-effective yet stronger alternative to the existing digital currency coins such as Bitcoin. DAVX is just like digital gold, which you can store in a mobile, web or hardware wallet and can use to make money transfers as well as payments for goods & services.


Zcash is a blockchain based cryptocurrency where transactions are recorded on blockchain. It is one of the champions in crypto world because of its security and confidentiality features which ensures privacy to sender and recipient’s data.


Akin most of the cryptocurrencies, Cardano’s coin can be utilised for the digital transfer of the funds. The developers of the cryptocurrency holds a vision to create a platform for financial apps and smart contracts while taking care of privacy.


Litecoin, an early derivative of Bitcoin, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with quicker settlement objective -  two-and-a-half minutes for settling one transaction. Litecoin is listed on prevailing exchanges such as Coinbase.


Dash is one of those few cryptocurrencies which can be used to purchase goods and services. It is valise of digital and currencies which can be spent anywhere and in this way it is different from bitcoin. Moreover, It is much quicker and less expensive than bitcoin.


Bitcoin achieved tremendous success with its noteworthy features i.e. high privacy. Monero aspires to be opaque- hard to understand and this is how it supersedes Bitcoin, making it outmoded.


TRON is a blockchain platform which aims to take on online giants like Facebook and YouTube with its decentralized platform so that musicians, artists, painters etc can showcase their skills and talents to the world without having to be dependent on centralized platforms.