‘We are going to become the product nation’ – 20 quotes on India business opportunities

From services to products, witness the business trends in India through these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘We are going to become the product nation’ – 20 quotes on India business opportunities

Thursday November 24, 2022,

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With the rising popularity of homegrown businesses in India, one cannot deny that today, women are changing the status quo of the traditionally male-dominated sectors.  - Richa Jaggi, Awshad

Support from the government with special Women Entrepreneurs Zones (SWEZ), like SEZs, can catalyse women’s entrepreneurship. - Suresh Raju, TiE Hyderabad

Thanks to the startup culture that has slowly emerged as a game-changer for the Indian economy, we are witnessing the country’s urban women population taking stronger positions in their respective companies. - Richa Jaggi, Awshad

Women farmers are very particular in returning the loans, since they treat it as a matter of honour if a loan recovery agent knocks at their doors. - Tarun Poddar, Foxhog Ventures


The difficulty in operating from a Tier II city like Kozhikode is the lack of networking opportunities with other startups and experts in the same industry. - Pallavi M, Gulbonda

Tier 2 & 3 cities account for nearly 50% of recognised startups In India. - Bibhu Mishra, Global Education and Leadership Foundation

The uprise of startups in India has set a new benchmark for entrepreneurship all across the world. - Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Venture Catalysts Group

(For) the sheer number of people today in need of a good public transport system, we need all kinds of ride hailing services, whether it is autos, bikes, cars, electric vehicles etc. - Vidhya Shankar, Grant Thornton

India is a two-wheeler driven market, with mass purchase falling in this segment. - Mayank Mehra, SphitiCap

It is expected that in the next 3-5 years, 50% of the new two-wheelers purchased could be electric. - Mayur Misra, Corrit Electric

There is a dire need for India's EV industry to create a sustainable ecosystem. In order to do so, various services need strengthening; one such service is battery swapping. - Ashvin Chadha, Anicut Capital

With wheelchairs, elevators, specially-designed lavatories, navigation signages and reservation assistance, the venerable community can enjoy comfortable and memorable trips through tunnels and terrains. - Dinesh Kotha, ConfirmTkt


Kiwi cultivation is growing at an exponential rate every year. - Tage Rita, Naara Aaba

Owing to heightened awareness and exposure to more evolved markets, we are witnessing the rise of a new subset of nutraceutical consumers in India. - Karan Singh, ACG

The ethnic wear market is unorganised and the brands present in the space are at higher price points. - Sushruthi Krishna, Saaki

In India, art is still looked at as a luxury and not as a way of life because the field of art is not monetised. It is an unorganised industry to get to. - Suhani Dhadphale, Sangam India

A single pan-India communication is not the default anymore. Ironically, the film industry is showing the way in this regard – what was considered 'South' has become pan-India now. - Karthik Srinivasan, DesignUp 2022

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has that ability to transform the ecommerce sector not only in India, but also in the whole world because, like UPI, it will democratise or make ecommerce available to the common man and connect the 60 million or six crore small retailers all over the country. - Piyush Goyal, Union Commerce and Industry Minister

With 1.6 million+ digitally skilled talent, India today is one of the largest destinations of highly skilled STEM talent base. - Sangeeta Gupta, Nasscom

Amidst growing concerns of a global recession, it is encouraging to see demand for hiring up in India. - Guruprasad Srinivasan, Quess Corp

Closing gaps in the educational journey of underprivileged students and moulding an upskilled workforce will go a long way towards contributing to the upliftment of the Indian economy. - Shaina Ganapathy, Embassy Group


Spending time in India, your eyes open up to new possibilities, you see different cultures, you see poverty, see something of everything over India. Most of all, they see a lot of love. - AB de Villiers

The foundation to build a new resilient India has already been laid. - Gautam Adani

We are going to play a significant role in technology and manufacturing – we are going to become the product nation. - Suryaprakash Konanuru, Ideaspring Capital

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