100 most read stories on YourStory in 2014

100 most read stories on YourStory in 2014

Monday December 15, 2014,

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It's that time of the year when we look back and contemplate. Over the last six years, we've been telling stories and each year, the ball has rolled further ahead on the path. 2014 has been filled with energy for startups and we've seen startups hog the lime light all over. And for us, this is a matter of pride.


Championing the ecosystem for years, it is heartening to see the maturing startup ecosystem in India. Here, we're looking at our analytics and putting forth the 100 most read stories on our platform. These stories are not curated on the basis of our preference but is purely a reflection of what our readershave read want to see. And these are not just startups, these are stories of individuals and more. Here we go:1) Ramesh Babu: This is a story about how a barber went from rags to riches.

2) Humblefool: This article is tribute to the Humblefool, probably the best Indian coder.

3) Shashank Chourey: Story of a self-taught coder who dropped out from college to become a techpreneur.

4) Siddhant Vats: The story of a 19 year old boy from Patna who co-founded an Android smart-watch.

5) 8th grader from Chennai: 14 year old CEO of a company who's out there, recruiting.

6) Ice X: Device manufacturers and retailers who made INR 50 crores in the first year of their operations.

7) Women ministers: This story talks about the seven women ministers in the new Indian government.

8) Rags to riches: 7 stories about entrepreneurs who went rags to riches.

9) Story of Instagram: How Instagram started and went on to get cquired by Facebook for a billion dollars.

10) Freekall: A startup that allowed users to call for free over the internet.

11) Aditi Gupta, Menstrupedia: The story of how this lady is fighting the taboos associated with menstruation.

12) Dailydeal: Google acquired this startup for $114 million. The founders went on to buy it back.

13) India's Bra Queen: Have you heard of Buttercups? This is a story of the an innovative lingerie boutiques (offline and online) in India.

14) Sachin Bansal: Co-founder of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal's journey has been captured in this article.

15) Chai Thela: An emotional story about how Pankaj Judge had to close down his first startup 25 days before his marriage and then started Chai Thela.

16) Roshini Sharma: One woman, one bike, nerves of steel, and a 5453 kilometre journey from Kanyakumari to Leh.

17) Kshitij Marwah: From third last in his IIT- Delhi class to head of MIT Media Lab India Initiative.

18) Madurai girl: How this young girl from Madurai got interested in nano technology and went ahead to create a path breaking achievement.

19) How a farmer's son and a college dropout became a tech millionaire

20) What India taught Xiaomi: On Flipkart, lessons and future plans with Hugo Barra

21) How a ‘Child of the streets’ became an International Bestselling Author: Amin Sheikh

22) How Broken Compass went from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1.5 crore in just 4 years

23) The story of Arvind Iyengar

24) This CEO learnt more in a Jharkhand jail than at Kellogg: The story of Chetan Majahan

25) Hosachiguru: A story of clean tech startup, how four engineers are growing money on trees

26) Mikandi- the adult app store

27) The billion dollar Mu Sigma story, with Founder Dhiraj C. Rajaram

28) The story of Rajputana custom motorcycles

29) Banyan: How two Indians quit high-paying jobs in the US to tackle India’s mounting garbage crisis

30) Housing's phenomenal rise from 12 to 850 employees in about a year

31) 2-year-old bootstrapped design startup that has clients like WeChat, Line and Flipkart and is hitting 8-figure revenues

32) How do you build a customer base of over 100 million in 2 years? The Newshunt story

33) Roman Saini's first person account about clearing the IAS

34) How 29-yr-old Aakanksha is redefining the relocation industry in India: PMR Relocation

35) All India Bakchod is a group of comedians that has created ripples this year, here's their story

36) How artist Raghava KK raised $2 M for Flipsicle without a business plan

37) The close friends who brewed the most happening place in Bangalore – The Toit Story

38) Vishal Sikka, the new Infosys CEO, wants all of us to embark on a human revolution

39) From earning sixty rupees a month to building a business empire: Rajkumar Gupta on his unusual success story

40) Mobile video network Vuclip grows, clocks $10 million in annual revenues

41) From being a techie to a sought-after photographer – the story of Amar Ramesh

42) From five co-founders to 2500 plus employees in two years, Delhivery ships over 7 lakh orders a month

43) FreeKaaMaal’s journey to 200k users and 4.5 mn monthly traffic

44) Made in India, the world’s first automatic tabletop dosa-making machine – DosaMatic

45) How I Backpacked across North India and Kathmandu in under $70, and you can too

46) Story of Bangalore's Nutritown: A startup that delivers healthy food

47) Meet Prem Jain, man behind the $863 million startup Insieme Networks

48) Manish Bhattacharya – The Kid who paid his education loan by hacking into Facebook

49) Divya Narendra, founder of SumZero

50) A lottery, some perspiration and a dream to create a backpacker hostel chain: Zostel

51) Nutritown: The story of a Bangalore based venture that wants people to eat healthy and improve eating habits.

52) Clinknow: From starting up to getting acquired in 10 months!

53) Goonga Pehalwan: Story of a deaf wrestler who has won India 5 medals

54) Meet Prem Jain, the man behind $863 million company

55) Story of Divya Narendra, a Harvard Graduate and founder of SumZero

56) Practo's amazing growth journey to having 1 lakh listed doctors and 30k+ monthly appointments

57) Fab Bag: Story of a subscription commerce company

58) Paper Boat: Backed by Narayana Murthy, this company is giving traditional Indian beverages a makeover

59) Life after 'Anu Aunty': How Varun Agarwal became Lenovo's brand ambassador

60) Meet the world's youngest entrepreneur who received VC funding

61) The Indian buzzfeed for mobile- Staple.io

62) Stuck with a wait listed ticket? Well, this startup can help you

63) The untitled story of a photographer

64) Story of a Bootstrap Hero- Building an INR 1 crore startup from Coimbatore

65) This 18 year old Indian got a job offer from Vogue

66) Interview with Kevin Hale of YCombinator: How to build a billion dollar business?

67) Kanika Tekriwal's JetSetGo story; How she beat cancer and bounced back

68) Blazing a trail in uncharted territory: meet Lisa Srao who is rewriting the rules of the liquor business

69) See how Cashkaro drove business of over INR 25 crores

70) Bhopal Youngster who has got 10k+ people to sell their waste

71) Behind the scenes with Housing.com c-founder- Advitiya Sharma

72) YourStory founder Shradha Sharma speaking at TedX Bay Area, here's her story

73) How Phanindra Sama & Raju Reddy are transforming their hometown, Nizamabad

74) Stellapps Technologies, the company set to disrupt dairy farming in India

75) Three-month-old veggies, meat & fruit etailer GoOnions ships close to 1K orders worth Rs. 5 lakhs on monthly basis

76) Pradeep Goyal's failure story

77) Ex- Zomato Employees come together to start PressPlay, making it big in travel entertainment space

78) How indianRoots achieved break even in 8 months of launch

79) The grocery e-tailer that raised over $800 million and went public before filing for bankruptcy

80) How this investment banker promises to make you feel beautiful? The Home Salon story

81) IIT, Wharton, UCLA grads aim to transform education with SlideRule

82) Brekkie: A Bangalore based startup that delivers helthy and delicious brekfast to your house or office

83) The story behind not-so-modest ‘Bhak Sala

84) Vivek Bansal – The bounty hunter who lied to his parents

85) 5 IIT alumni float Click Labs, an incubator on the lines of Rocket Internet, to hatch 100 startups

86) With 2 crore turnover, 3-yr-old startup eSparsha gears to tap the $10 bn market

87) Grofers, a hyperlocal logistics company for merchants, promises delivery in 90 minutes

88) SkillBoost: ISB grads target an INR 46.5 billion market with Microsoft Office

89) iRepair: from repairing iPhones in coffee shops to generating INR 1.2 crore annual turnover

90) Why did Nandita Shetty leave a high-profile job in Boston and return to India?

91) Grocery and veggies e-tailer LocalBanya processes 600 orders daily, to raise $5M soon

92) Don’t say no to wait-list railway tickets. ConfirmTkt predicts confirmation chances accurately

93) Vicky Roy: A Child of the Streets Conquering The World

94) The chief who never gives up, BookMyShow’s Ashish Hemrajani

95) aiYO app is India’s answer to the ridiculousness that is YO

96) Lovecycles, an app to track menstrual cycles crosses 5 million downloads, what lies ahead?

97) Bangalore entrepreneurs Nikhil Velpanur & Arvind Nadig launch low-cost 3D printer

98) How this engineer is on a mission to build a world of machines out of paper

99) Conned by a travel agent, Rikant Pitti co-founded a multi crore empire – EaseMyTrip story

100) Well, tell us your favourite story you've read in 2014 on YourStory :)

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