‘When ecosystems become digital, there will be massive adoption’ – 30 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From digital change to Digital India, these quotes from the week of June 28 – July 4 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

‘When ecosystems become digital, there will be massive adoption’ – 30 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Wednesday July 07, 2021,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focuses on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 30 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

The current pandemic allows startup founders to double down on digital efforts and focus on business model innovations. This is the time when entrepreneurs spend the time and effort to look for patterns - past and present - to validate predictions. - Sajan Pillai, Season Two Ventures

Banking is closely knit with one’s day to day life using different channels, and all this should be frictionless. Over a period of time, customer interaction will become more digital. - Jithesh PV, Federal Bank

Most offline brokers either keep a directory of the properties they have, or they just state the properties they remember off the top of one's head. - Kamal Gulati, Insta Property

Grocery is among the fastest-growing categories within ecommerce. - Rajneesh Kumar, Flipkart


AI not only helps bring precision in the video content production but also enables a clear understanding of what interests the audience the most and delivers it as quickly as possible. - Meghna Krishna, Toch.ai

Content publishing needed to be decoupled from the content presentation interface, to allow for the published content to be delivered to several channels seamlessly. - Nishant Patel, Contentstack

A creator should be given unique opportunities to showcase their creativity. - Anish Khandelwal, Mitron TV

In terms of personalisation, facial recognition helps you to take a picture of yourself and use it to portray yourself in online games and allow character creation based on gamer inputs. - Roland Landers, All India Gaming Federation

While we can't seem to deny the advantages of the "traditional" mode of learning, the addition of technology to traditional classrooms have only aided in a comprehensive and evolving learning experience for students. - Naman Mukund, Tekie

Trainers have to rely heavily on marketplaces to sell their courses, often ending up sharing a large chunk of their earnings as commissions. - Gaurav Doshi, Edmingle

The rate of upskilling in the field of data science is way lower than the rate of job creation. There is a bigger issue at hand. - Shivam Dutta, AlmaBetter

Skill-building for the future is going to be very important as 30-40 percent of jobs get automated. - Gaurav Perti, PurpleTutor

Consumers today are considering owning their own vehicle to feel safer. The pre-owned two-wheeler market stands to benefit as consumers seek more economical options from organised players in the market. - Kavish Kothari, Eight Roads Ventures

Investing in such futuristic [EV] technology, innovative and renewable energy-focused products will not only be a goldmine in the future but also a boon to future generations. - MA Gaffar


We are seeing a lot of investment coming to the agricultural sector due to the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) as the entire economics of the technology is becoming more favourable. - Namita Jain, NASSCOM

Indian agriculture is at an inflection point. The $370 billion sector will undergo a complete transformation in the coming years on the back of significant technology interventions, regulatory support and behavioral changes across consumers and farmers. - Parijat Jain, Bain & Co

Indian techpreneurs are ‘building in India, for the world,’ which we believe will be one of the biggest trends to watch. - Rajiv Srivatsa, Antler India

The penetration of electronics hardware-based intelligent solutions is not matured in areas like seed industry. - Nikhil Das, Agdhi Technologies

There is a massive opportunity to be unlocked in this large $40 billion sector [fresh meat delivery], which has hitherto been devoid of safety, innovation, quality, and sustainability standards. - Vivek Gupta, Licious

The future opportunity in Indian tech-led logistics space is extremely exciting. - Ajay Maniar, Aavishkaar Capital

Understanding the enigma of crypto is not easy. The same goes with its taxation. - Chaitra Bharadwaj, Merican Consultants

The banking industry in India has always viewed credit cards as a loan product rather than a high-frequency payment instrument. - Rajan Bajaj, slice

India and online-first brands are at the cusp of the next revolution. - Vinay Singh, Fireside Ventures


Tyre retailing in India is highly fragmented and unorganised. Tyre dealers don't have dedicated tools and technologies to help manage their dealerships. - Puneet Bhaskar, TyrePlex

While there are tech solutions aimed at the mid-sized stores, most of them are fragmented or siloed and address pain points in a particular area. They do not enable complete automation which is a key ask from the segment. - Ajay Nain, Gully Network

Keeping in view with India’s vision for Digital India, a child’s inherent curiosity and promptness to adopt new technologies must be tapped in every possible way. - Vikram Gupta, IvyCap Ventures

The F&B industry hasn’t seen much of digital transformation beyond cosmetic changes. However, that has changed with the emergence of food tech companies who have brought lakhs of restaurants online and expanded their market and catchment area. - Mitesh Shah, IPV

Over 67 percent of India’s millennials are gamers. The Indian esports and streaming industry is expected to grow at a 36 percent CAGR over the next three years, with game streaming watch time in India already 2X the global average. - Sean Hyunil Sohn, Krafton


An edge network can help make sense of large data sets, reduce cost and provide real-time insights. - Nida Sahar, Nife

Digitalisation will also make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to analyse customer needs and design new products accordingly. - Yash Raj Agrawal, GimBooks

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of automation, leading to large-scale disruption in industrial technology. - Daniel Raj David, Detect Technologies

Exceptions are common in ecommerce supply chains, but automation is a great way to mitigate the risks associated with such exceptions. - Vandana Agarwal, ClickPost

When ecosystems become digital, there will be massive adoption. - Siddharth Shah, PharmaEasy

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