[Year in Review 2021] From start to success – 50 quotes and tips on the journey of the artist

Drawn from our comprehensive coverage of the creative ecosystem, we present 50 uplifting quotes on the successful journey of artists through exploration and experimentation.

[Year in Review 2021] From start to success – 50 quotes and tips on the journey of the artist

Monday December 27, 2021,

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Umakant Kanade - Nature II

Umakant Kanade - Nature II

The artistic journey

Every painting becomes a micro-story, evoking different emotions. - Anusha Adabala, Chitra Santhe

If you were to learn to give your hobby some serious consideration, then that can help you add some colour to your life. - Sravani Ramachandran, Chitra Santhe

Our scars hint at the heroes inside us. - Gunjan Shrivastava, Contemporary Signatures

Creativity is inherently unpredictable and forever evolving — through constant experimentation and engagement, the artist keeps finding new ways to give a voice to their creative expression. - Sanjana Shah, Tao Art Gallery

The most challenging part in being an artist is that there is no blueprint. Like there is not a set of tasks that you couldn't do and be successful. You have to carve your own way. - Aditya Guglani, Qoini

The person that really needs to accept you is you. - Lady Gaga

To paint is to show a bit of your soul. Painting is a journey one takes inwards, carving out expressions of one's own divine being onto paper. - Amballika Tripathi

Art and creation denote freedom. - Vimal Singh Rathore, Qoohoo

Deepali S

Deepali S

You never know what you create will become, or when! Your job as an artist is to just continually make art. - Don Ray McKinney, Chitra Santhe

You never know what might strike a creative spark within you. Be open to explore and experiment. - Divya Deepika Jannu, Chitra Santhe

Painting is a constant exploration and a form of expression. Painting is a perfect tool for my longing for expansion. - Uma Makala, Chitra Santhe

If you stop dreaming, you are dead before death. If you dream, you will continue to inspire yourself to fulfill it someday. - Sarbani Chatterjee, Maitree Utsav

Art comes directly from the soul, sometimes even without thinking. - Sudhir Meher, Chitra Santhe

Through studying the performing arts, students gain the opportunity to engage in an individual and collaborative expression of who they are and potentially can be. - Rajashree Kadam, Salaam Bombay Foundation

There is no right or wrong in art. Every 'mistake' leads you on a path of discovery. - Manisha Raghunath, Chitra Santhe

What artists receives from society, they give back. - Deepika Bhansali Jain, Kala Alankar

Supreetha Indrakumar

Supreetha Indrakumar


Keep the learning curve always up. - Yamuna Padmanaban, Chitra Santhe

A learning, listening, and thinking artist almost always makes it. - Avik Bandyopadhyay, MayinArt

Equip yourselves with reference works from various media for learning and development in the creative process. - Husin, MayinArt

Only substance survives in the long run. Reflect on your work all the time. - Renu Modi, Gallery Espace

Aspiring artists must nurture their intellect through looking, reading, seeing, observing, and analysing. - José Luis Hernández “Chepe”, Chitra Santhe

Accept that everyone will teach you something new. Be humble, be original, and learn to take constructive criticism. - Megha Sharma Singh, MayinArt

Humility to accept you don’t know everything, is most critical to survive the struggle, the journey. - Nikkhil Advani, Emmay Entertainment and Motion Pictures

Learn from everyone, and express it even if it may not seem ‘perfect.’ Uniqueness always belongs in the imperfections. - Naveen Appajigol, Chitra Santhe

Never cease to be a learner. You stop being an artist when you cease learning or experimenting. - Laxmi Mysore, Chitra Santhe

Stay true to your style while ensuring you follow the work of as many artists and designs to learn new ideas. - Supreetha Indrakumar, Chitra Santhe

Follow the work of masters, but create your own unique style. - Subhajit Paul, Chitra Santhe

Bandana Kumari - Bicycle Diaries - Pedal Pose

Bandana Kumari - Bicycle Diaries - Pedal Pose


Acquiring any skill takes time. You have to practise and get better, and business is no different. - Shashank Kumar, Razorpay


Anything you treasure cannot be rushed. - Kalki Koechlin

All the experiences in every aspect of your life should become an inspiration for producing original artworks. Practice is key and hard work pays. - Nivedita Gouda, Chitra Santhe

Practicing art is like a journey in a spiritual space, and it is more important to travel through it, to face its mystery, than to finally know it and reach the destination. - Dariusz Kaca, Chitra Santhe

Work with passion and stick on to your strengths – success will follow. - Lakshmi Kesavan, Chitra Santhe

Never stop creating. Your masterpiece could be just a few brushstrokes away! - Ketaki Ankalikar, Chitra Santhe

Nazima VK

Nazima VK


Go after excellence, success will follow. - Mohit Verma, Chitra Santhe

Consistency, honesty and originality will definitely help to move ahead. Art requires lot of dedication and passion. - Milna Sajee, Maitree Utsav

Seize your individuality and your uniqueness and use it as your superpower. - Malini Agarwal, MissMalini

Just try to be better than yesterday. Everyone’s art journey is different – just keep going. - Nidhi Bhatia, Chitra Santhe

Do not copy the work of other artists. Produce your own work that will give you recognition and fame. - Rashmi Soni, MayinArt

We should try to bring out the hidden meaning of art so that more people can understand its importance and take interest in it. - Kariyappa Hanchinamani, Chitra Santhe

If you are an artist, then don’t limit yourself to only artistic object creation. Spread the beauty of art through your way of living life. - Koyel Maji, Chitra Santhe

Continue to dream freely and create fearlessly. The universe is always conspiring in favour of the brave. - Guneet Monga, ‘The Lunchbox’

Create as much as you can even if you don’t always like the result. - Jeena Raghavan

If you want to be an artist, you have to think of art as your first and last love. - Abhijit Paul, MayinArt

Your work must speak for itself. - Neelu Patel, Mukhote Creative Art Foundation

Only a person with real passion towards art, with loads of patience and commitment to never give up, can become an artist. Overnight success cannot be expected. - Ramana Akkiraju, Chitra Santhe

Your willpower should be an inspiration for others. - Sirisha KS, Chitra Santhe

Manoj Swain

Manoj Swain

Meaning of success

Success is courage, passion and perseverance – and the opportunity to put a smile on an individual’s face. - Sowmya Beena, Chitra Santhe

Art is a manifestation of the soul. Success for an artist comes from full realisation of the inner self. - Jeya Prakash, Chitra Santhe

Success comes from appreciation and being able to provide motivation and hope to society, in bringing out the values of humanism – or making humanism great again. - Nugroho Heri Cahyono, MayinArt

The satisfaction of having completed a piece of art successfully is a reward in itself. - Ashwini R, Chitra Santhe

Just painting a picture, a good picture – is a reward in itself. If someone also likes it and wants to have it – it completes the success. - Agata Nowak, Chitra Santhe

Success for a creator comes from self-satisfaction and seeing others being moved by the artwork. - Prashanth Jeppu, Chitra Santhe

Success for an artist is a fine balance between creating what one loves and managing the artistic expectations of one's clients - Joanne DeBrass, Chitra Santhe

Swetha Padma Oleti

Swetha Padma Oleti

As a curator, I would like to help fellow artists reach their potential and be able to sell their artworks. - Barnali Ray, Soulful Strokes

Awards are a sign that you are on the right track. They allow you to tear down walls. Awards are a plus, not a purpose. - Mario Fuentes, Chitra Santhe

Success is that journey where you reach and exist in places you never thought of before. - Jayshree Chhajjer, Maitree Utsav

Success is good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration, and inspiration. - Swathi PN, Chitra Santhe

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