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[TechSparks 2020] Unveiling Tech30: YourStory’s list of high-potential tech startups in India

YourStory presents its annual list of handpicked Tech30 startups - 30 young and promising startups with high potential, in addition to a few special mentions for a few select startups that pivoted or came into being to create solutions for the new normal.

[TechSparks 2020] Unveiling Tech30: YourStory’s list of high-potential tech startups in India

Friday October 30, 2020 , 10 min Read

Over the last eight years, we at YourStory have been presenting the Tech30 — our specially curated list of India’s top 30 early-stage tech startups. Tech30 is often among the most anticipated tracks at TechSparks, India’s largest tech and startup summit — always heavily attended — with the audience practically spilling out of the auditorium for the pitches and report launch.

This year, our Tech30 were presented online - playing out on thousands of screens as TechSparks went all-virtual in keeping with the new normal.

One of the more encouraging statistics to emerge this year was that of the number of early and growth-stage deals — they are definitely on the upswing. More early-stage companies (an increase of 5.7 percent from last year) received funding in the first half of the year vis a vis growth and late-stage startups. That is precisely what the Tech30 is all about. Spotlighting and empowering the freshest crop of early-stage tech startups that will go on to become the next generation of changemakers.

It is also interesting to see the youth of India taking the lead in the country’s entrepreneurial landscape. The largest chunk of our startup founders from our applications fall into the 20-30 age bracket. More interestingly, 0.6 percent of the applications were from founders under 20 years old, indicating the falling average age of entrepreneurs in India.

Tech30 is also about being vocal for local. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call for India to become Aatmanirbhar, or self-reliant, also put the spotlight on local startups and solutions, and helped power India’s innovation agenda.

Given the tough dynamic, we want to go that extra mile for our Tech30 this year and be more than just a showcase of high-potential startups. We want to help these startups achieve their dreams by giving them a platform to tell their stories, meet investors, collaborate with ecosystem experts and enterprises, raise funding, and take their startups to the next level.

So, here’s to being truly vocal for local with the Tech30 of 2020. This year’s startups have been handpicked from over 2,000 applications. It was heartening to see startups headquartered in Tier II cities like Cochin, Dehradun, Manipal, and Surat make it to Tech30 2020.

It’s encouraging to note that the maximum applicants to Tech30 2020 have launched their startups in 2020 — a reassuring statistic for what was a very tough year for most startups.

This year, amidst the pandemic, several startups pivoted or came into being to create solutions for the new normal. We're proud to accord them a special mention in the report.

I urge you to go through all the profiles in detail and get to know these passionate entrepreneurs, because clearly some of them will go on to define the narrative of new India.


Arintra is a healthcare-focused AI-driven startup, which aims to capture patient history without the need for a doctor and generates clinical insights such as provisional diagnosis, lab recommendations, etc.


Avianco is an aerospace and aviation technology solutions startup, which enables safer integration and use of fully automated drones into the airspace.


Bikayiis a merchant ecommerce startup that allows small businesses to quickly and simply create their online stores, powered with all the necessary tools needed to manage ecommerce on WhatsApp.

Blackfrog Technologies

BlackFrog Technologies’ flagship product is Emvólio, a portable, wireless, refrigeration device that can help store vaccines at an optimum temperature of 2-8 degree Celsius, with their patented rapid-cooling technology.


Healthtech startup CogniAble uses ML-based assistive technology to ensure early detection and affordable treatment of autism spectrum disorder.


DeepSource helps developers find and fix bugs in their code automatically with its flagship product Autofix. It claims to be the only product in the space with automation features and a five percent false positive rate.


DronaMaps specialises in large-scale 3D mapping with drones and advanced geospatial analytics using AI. It addresses the problems faced by state bodies and large enterprises, and provides structured and digitised geospatial data for smarter decision-making.


EyeROV is a marine robotics company that designs and manufactures industrial-grade underwater drones. The Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) let businesses conduct inspections and surveys of underwater assets.


Fountain9 is a deep tech startup that leverages AI and ML to provide algorithmic planning solutions for ecommerce, retailers, and CPG companies to minimise stock-outs and inventory pile-ups.

IDENTY (Touchless ID Private Limited)

A touchless multifactor identity verification and authentication solution, Identy(Touchless ID Private Limited) verifies the identity of people applying for financial or other services using touchless biometrics through a face and finger enrollment feature.


Lightwing’s solution provides companies with intelligent CloudOps automation — decreasing monthly cloud computing bills by up to 90 percent, and improving team and infrastructure efficiency by optimising the use of public clouds.

Megara Robotics

Megara Robotics is a startup that focuses on building robotics for agricultural, healthcare, and humanitarian applications, among others. The robotics startup has garnered attention for its AI and robotics-based coconut harvester.

Niral Networks

Niral Networks is a startup developing curated, open, disaggregated networking solutions that transform the economics of networking systems for 5G and beyond.


Nuclei is a bootstrapped software enterprise startup that helps banks improve digital banking services by integrating its API platform to increase customer engagement through merchant marketplace and wealth management services.

ODWEN (Udghata Technology Private Limited)

ODWEN is creating India’s largest and integrated "mesh" of curated warehouse network primarily aimed at helping 60 million SMEs to discover and book warehouse spaces and services. The backend cloud-based warehouse management system completes the fulfilment experience.

Onsurity Technologies

Onsurity is a healthtech company providing all-round healthcare services to startups and SME teams to provide employees, freelancers, and temporary staff with AI-driven healthcare and wellness products.


Pixxel is a spacetech startup working towards building a constellation of earth-imaging small satellites to provide real-time global data. These images help organisations collect data about agriculture, oil and gas, and pollution levels among others, to detect, monitor, and predict instances and make better business decisions. is an AI-powered SaaS startup that allows companies to create personalised videos using real human models with just text as input. Through its platform, one can create millions of personalised videos that include customer names, age, gender, or any other custom fields.


Samaaro enables organisations to host secure and effective virtual events, like virtual conferences, summits, fairs, and exhibitions, for audiences across the globe. Its holistic platform allows participants to engage audiences, network with like-minded people, and build connections.


Senderment has built one of India’s first data collection applications in the public domain using the Account Aggregator (AA) framework. The startup extends the AA framework and provides a complete digital medium for data transfer from the end user to a business user.


Spayee allows ed-preneurs to create, market, and sell courses online and impart online education in their own way. It offers content creators the flexibility to have their own business model.

Sprinkle Data

SaaS startup Sprinkle Data’s analytics platform automates data pipelines and dependency management. Sprinkle makes data scientists and analysts 10x more productive by making high-quality data available to them in real time.


Stackby is a SaaS startup that combines the best of spreadsheets, databases, and business APIs in a single flexible platform to let business end users build their own tools, in their own way.


Statiq is a smart public charging network that lets users charge their electric vehicles. The startup builds a network of car chargers and bike chargers in partnership with property owners who install the stations.

Sunfox Technologies

Healthcare startup Sunfox develops medical devices for the cardiac segment. Its R&D lab has created a portable, affordable, minimalistic medical device that lets patients with no access to healthcare facilities monitor and seek immediate services of doctors.


This agritech startup TartanSense builds small agricultural robots that can move around farmlands, identify weeds, and spray them with pesticides. Its machines not only help farmers decrease excessive usage of chemicals, but also enables them to save time and lower costs.

Taskmonk Technology

Taskmonk is a SaaS platform for AI Data Services. Taskmonk’s proprietary task allocation algorithms and ML assisted labeling has enabled enterprises to save more than 325,000 human annotation hours.


Workduck is building a modern, collaborative, no-code platform for AI-powered automated app testing. Users can write down a URL or upload an APK on the platform, navigate through the app, and relevant app tests get automatically created without the hassle of scripting. These tests can also be automatically replayed on new versions of the app.


Yaoe offers a full-blown development workspace on the cloud, which developers can use to access their workspaces anytime and from any browser.

Zeuva Automotive

Zeuva Automotive wants to disrupt the electric vehicle industry in India by offering low-cost battery packs that help build 5x cheaper two-wheeled transportation services for businesses and consumers.

Special mentions

Bayes Labs

Bayes Labs is building machine learning-based libraries to rapidly accelerate all the phases in drug discovery and development. It does this by collecting data sources in chemistry and genomics and using the collected data and advancements in machine learning to generate new molecules with required properties.


This AI and deep learning startup CamCom aims to be the preferred quality assurance partner for enterprises across the globe. It focuses on quality assessment, and defect and damage detection in automobile, bottling, and warehousing industries. The startup harnesses computer vision and deep learning to automate quality checks across the product lifecycle.

FlyNava Technologies

FlyNava Technologies aims to use innovative IT solutions to solve major pricing issues in the airline and insurance industry. Built on cloud-based, open source software, the startup claims to be the first scientific and big data platform for pricing with protected Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Manastu Space

Manastu Space is a startup that develops green chemical propulsion systems, called I-Booster, for satellites. The startup replaces old, carcinogenic and toxic hydrazine-based propulsion systems with high performing, non-carcinogenic, less harmful alternatives.


A research & development pioneer in graphene and nanocomposites, Nanospan develops cutting-edge materials for energy storage, ballistic, fire and radiation protection and smart fabrics. It infuses eco-friendly graphene and other nano additives with other materials to form nanocomposites, optimised with improved strength and better performance.

Niflr Technologies Private Limited

Niflr offers an autonomous checkout and data platform for retail stores. With its sensor fusion and computer vision, customers can walk into a store, pick up their products, and walk out. The bill is generated and money is automatically deducted from the user's mobile wallet.


Shippigo is a multi-carrier shipping solution for e-tailers who can integrate their shopping carts or webstores to import shipping details. It provides a plug-and-play solution that enables companies to start shipping across the world in an instant. It also offers a host of delivery monitoring and customer engagement tools, enabling two-way interaction between the shipper and customer.

Superfan Studio

Superfan Studio product is a no-code, browser-based tool to create trending Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for influencers, brands, and startups. These can be used on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to boost user growth and drive sales. is a PaaS solution for professionals to sell and deliver their live sessions online. The startup provides its platform as a service to professionals, digitising their entire workflow, leaving them to focus on bringing customers nationally and internationally, without spending any time or effort in price negotiations, scheduling, collecting payments, and sending follow-up emails or invoices.

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