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‘Entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in propelling India to the top’—25 quotes on India business shifts

From ideas to infrastructure, witness the business trends in India through these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘Entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in propelling India to the top’—25 quotes on India business shifts

Thursday January 19, 2023 , 4 min Read

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous edition here). Share these 25 gems and insightts from the week of January 9-15 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insightts. See our special compilation of quotes related to India’s pandemic responses here.

See also our pick of Top Quotes of 2022 on Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Investments, Women Changemakers, Social Entrepreneurs, Environmental Change, Pandemic Resilience, Digital Transformation, India Opportunities, Design, Art, Failure Lessons, and Storytelling.

Top 10 Startup Bharat stories that wrested attention this year

There is fire in the belly of every Indian. - Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal

Even if you have to go abroad, come back as soon as possible. - Adar Poonawalla, Serum Institute of India

The Indian job market exhibited favourable hiring activity in 2022, with a 20% increase in new job creation compared to the full-year base of 2021. - Naukri JobSpeak report

I can see that there can be a time when India would be positioned as the number one market (of automobiles) in the world. - Toshihiro Suzuki, Suzuki Motor Corporation

The cold-chain market globally and especially in India is rapidly growing backed by the unprecedented demand for last-mile food delivery. - Niranjana Neelakantan, Tessol

The kids' furniture market is a white space with no clear leader as it is a highly unorganised segment, lacking quality and designer products specially made for kids. - Vinay Bansal, Inflection Point Ventures

From a graduate selling chai to an 80-year-old couple starting business, the top 10 SMB stories of 2022

Every [Nagaland] household has weavers and they learn the skills from their mothers and elders. - Atshole Thopi, Chizami Weaves

The Indian real estate is earmarked to be a $650 billion market in 2025 and a $1 trillion worth sector in 2030. - Jayesh Rajpurohit, Brick&Bolt

[T]he entertainment and gaming sector has the potential to create standalone, financially viable, homegrown gaming brands from India. - Shreyans Gangwal, Fireside Ventures

India’s largest businesses and agencies are playing a crucial role in the country’s expanding digital economy and are building innovative business models that are inspiring marketers globally. - Arun Srinivas, Meta India

To achieve the sustainable development goals 2030, there is an urgency for our country to have reliable geospatial information for effective policy development, programming, and project operation. - Union Minister Jitendra Singh

The constitution of India emphasises equal rights to both women and men but there are so many layers that need to be peeled to understand the disadvantages. - Rachna Kanwar, Radio City

Top 7 stories of startups turning around their fortunes

Children and teenagers who are the prime digital citizens should get special protection as they may be less aware of the risks, consequences, and their rights regarding personal data processing. - Nishant Chandra, Newton School

India’s need for assisted living, rehabilitation, and palliative care solutions is unquestionable. - Srinivasan G, Athulya Senior Care

We need to build female-first products in health and for way too long India has ignored that. - Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon

Today, small and mid-sized financial advisors/micro-entrepreneurs are not able to directly work with financial institutions. - Jaideep Hansraj, Kotak Securities

Strengthening our MSME sector is important for the country to become self-reliant and to boost economic growth. - PM Modi

The engine of our country is the poorest man of India... in times to come, India would be leading in economic growth and it would be because of street vendors, women, cattle rearers. - Om Birla, Lok Sabha

While maintaining close relations with developed countries, India is keen to put forward the point of view of the Global South -- our co-passengers on the path of development for decades. - FM N. Sitharaman

We, the Global South, have largest stakes in the future...Most of global challenges have not been created by the Global South, but they affect us more. - PM Modi

What’s on your screen? Here are the apps we loved in 2022

2021 was a great year purely from the point of view of the amount of capital which got plowed into the Indian ecosystem. But that has seen an 80 percent year-on-year drop, which is extremely sudden and significant. - Abhiroop Medhekar, Velocity

The volatility in markets does impact the next round funding opportunities and investor sentiments, but in India, the customer purchase intent is not plagued in any manner and business remains insulated. - Sanjay Mehta, 100X.VC

Entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in propelling India to the top of the global economic rankings by 2047. Innovation and technology will be critical to achieving this goal. - BV Jagadeesh, Kaaj Ventures

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