Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. But every now and then, the ones who choose to tread and stick to the path emerge true victors, the brave hearts.They think outside the box, refuse to play by the rules, take risks and have a relentless drive to reinvent and revolutionise the system.They are the Mavericks.

True North

True North explores the mind and captures the personal journey of entrepreneurs, their struggles and challenges to stay on the right course. It explores their personal motivations and inspirations as they have navigated their company through challenges on growth, funding, profitability and culture.


India has seen over a decade of entrepreneurs emerging , startups taking shape, ideas being ignited and investor interest. With the ecosystem maturing, we sit down to get UpClose with the movers and shakers of the startup world to talk business, numbers, operations, future bets and the next billion.YS gets UpClose to untangle the latest twist and turns with leaders of the startup world.

In conversation with

Conversations and dialogue are perhaps the biggest parts of our stories. It’s where things happen – in the interaction between the characters. In this series we will have a dialogue with most prominent people from startups to MNCs, talking, agreeing, disagreeing and expressing their opinion and much more with our very own Shradha Sharma.

Facebook Live Archives

An archive of all the Facebook Lives which we do at YourStory

Tech Talk With Anu

The tech industry, perhaps more than any other industry, is identified by its innovative spirit. Anu Deshpande, a Silicon Valley based Venture Capitalist at Maky Zanganeh & Associates has launched a video series TECH TALK WITH ANU. Her guests include tech founders, CEOs and finance gurus. Stop by here each month to catch a new episode. We hope you enjoy!

Through the eyes of the investor

Through the Eyes of the Investor is a YourStory video series that features an investor who provides key insights and analysis behind investment decisions made by investors and investment firms when investing in start-ups.In this season, the show is presented by Naganand Doraswamy, Founder and Managing Director of Ideaspring Capital.